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Avengers Endgame concept art reveals an amazing scene we never got

There's not always room for every idea in the Marvel movies, but one abandoned scene from Avengers Endgame concept art looks too good to have left behind

Paul Rudd as Giant-Man in Ant-Man and the Wasp

With endless comic books to take inspiration from and a huge roster of heroes and villains to fit in, there’s no surprise that some ideas fall by the wayside when developing the MCU. However, we have learned of one moment that never made it to the Marvel movie Avengers Endgame, and we really wish it had.

As far as MCU movies go, Endgame had the biggest roster of MCU characters to find time for and so many different strands of story to piece together, that it’s understandable every idea didn’t make the final cut. In the end, the Marvel villain Thanos was stopped before he could totally destroy Planet Earth, but we reckon the fight could have been over a lot sooner.

That is, if Kevin Feige and co had followed through with an idea found among the concept art for the superhero movie.

A Reddit user highlighted a page from the book Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame – The Art Of The Movie, which featured artwork by Ryan Meinerding, head of visual development at Marvel Studios.

You can see the image below, which depicts Ant-Man in his Giant-Man form. In his hand he has the Hulk, who in turn is holding Spider-Man. As Meinerding writes: “I did a frame which was just so perfect. Spider-Man is about to be thrown by Hulk and then you pull back to see that Giant-Man is holding Hulk. So it was going to be Giant-Man throws Hulk, and then Hulk throws Spider-Man. I wish they could have fit that in.”

Concept art from Avengers Endgame featuring Giant-Man, Hulk, and Spider-Man

It’s certainly a big idea, but one which would surely have looked amazing on screen. We’re sure there was a good reason not to include it in the action movie, though, and maybe we will still see it one day in Marvel’s Phase 5 and beyond.

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