December 2022 Archive

The Digital Pix: our team pick their favourite 2022 movies31 December 2022
Jason Blum and James Wan tease Invisible Man sequel30 December 2022
George RR Martin says HBO changes may affect Game of Thrones future30 December 2022
James Corden had a very bad audition for The Lord of the Rings movies30 December 2022
Russell Crowe got Joaquin Phoenix drunk to calm him down for Gladiator30 December 2022
George Lucas wanted just one thing in his initial Star Wars contract30 December 2022
James Cameron was drugged making Titanic by an angry crew member30 December 2022
Avatar 2 surpasses $1 billion at the box office29 December 2022
Black Panther 2 would've seen T'Challa as a father, reveals Coogler29 December 2022
What James Cameron learned from Roger Corman and John Carpenter28 December 2022
Fast and Furious 10 trailer coming soon, teases Vin Diesel28 December 2022
How Stan Lee pushed the boundaries of comic book content28 December 2022
Stranger Things and Wednesday lead Netflix's top ten series for 202228 December 2022
Lethal Weapon has a hidden John Wayne reference27 December 2022
The Witcher already has its ending planned, and won't get "lost"27 December 2022
The Witcher Blood Origin, who is the first Witcher?27 December 2022
Andor's Kino Loy story could have changed the whole show27 December 2022
Jack Nicholson refused to watch this Batman movie26 December 2022
Everyone who dies in The Witcher Blood Origin25 December 2022
The Witcher Blood Origin, who is Merwyn?25 December 2022
The Witcher Blood Origin, who is Fjall?25 December 2022
The Witcher Blood Origin filming locations: where was the series shot?25 December 2022
The Witcher Blood Origin, who is Scian?25 December 2022
Is Henry Cavill in The Witcher Blood Origin as Geralt of Rivia?25 December 2022
Lindsay Lohan's Christmas movie was the comeback we needed24 December 2022
Outlander season 7 release date will arrive next year, teases star23 December 2022
Yellowstone skipping Christmas Day, here's when the next episode airs23 December 2022
Simon Pegg returns to Shaun of the Dead for great Tom Cruise parody23 December 2022
National Treasure 3 with Nicolas Cage is still coming23 December 2022
Tom Cruise is most like his Top Gun character, says director23 December 2022
Knives Out 2 Glass Onion ending explained23 December 2022
The Flash trailer will premiere at Superbowl23 December 2022
Daredevil star shoots down possibility of Deadpool 3 cameo23 December 2022
Strange World is now streaming on Disney Plus23 December 2022
James Cameron reacts to Ryan Gosling’s Avatar sketch23 December 2022
Spider-Verse 3 was originally planned to be like Avengers: Endgame23 December 2022
Daniel Craig both loved and hated his Star Wars cameo23 December 2022
Percy Jackson TV series actor had one issue with the production23 December 2022
Super Mario Bros movie trailer remade in N64 style is pure nostalgia23 December 2022
Zachary Levi confirms he's still Shazam in the DCEU23 December 2022
Netflix password sharing is being stopped next year23 December 2022
Baby Yoda's original design is pure nightmare fuel23 December 2022
Ginny and Georgia season 2 release date, story, and more23 December 2022
Yellowstone season 5 episode 6's shocking death explained23 December 2022
Where can I watch the Yellowstone spin-off 1923?23 December 2022
What made the cows sick in Yellowstone season 5?23 December 2022
Who is Rowdy on Yellowstone?23 December 2022
Daniel Craig shoots down Doctor Strange 2 cameo rumours23 December 2022
Carnival Row season 2 release date speculation, cast, story, and more23 December 2022
Knives Out 2 cast were given all Glass Onion's twists straight away22 December 2022
Daredevil season 4 is filming in 2023, but we won't see it until later22 December 2022
George RR Martin explains what makes HotD's dragons so great22 December 2022
The White Lotus star Jennifer Coolidge loves her SNL sketch22 December 2022
Spider-Man 4 is happening, but Sony won't say when22 December 2022
Wednesday sets another Netflix series record22 December 2022
Stranger Things star explains how he avoids creepy fans22 December 2022
New Alien movie starts filming soon22 December 2022
Liam Gallagher gives one of 2022's best movies an amazing review22 December 2022
Top Gun 2 is now streaming on Paramount Plus22 December 2022
George RR Martin wasn't allowed see this secret Game of Thrones series22 December 2022
The Witcher season 3 is giving Henry Cavill a "heroic sendoff"22 December 2022
Steven Spielberg calls this Scorsese movie a "cinematic masterpiece"22 December 2022
Jodie Foster stars in first True Detective season 4 teaser22 December 2022
The Mandalorian season 3 synopsis teases "old allies and new enemies"22 December 2022
Nicolas Cage reveals surprising movie genre he wants to do next22 December 2022
Star Wars: the Galactic Empire explained22 December 2022
Kurt Russell based Escape From New York character on Clint Eastwood22 December 2022
Rian Johnson explains his approach to making a Star Wars movie21 December 2022
Robert De Niro explains why we never got Taxi Driver 221 December 2022
James Cameron lost a bet with Zoe Saldana while making Avatar 221 December 2022
Viggo Mortensen hated fantasy movies before doing Lord of the Rings21 December 2022
Margot Robbie says Babylon is her proudest achievement so far21 December 2022
Clint Eastwood was almost cut out of his first movie21 December 2022
Christopher Nolan is competing with himself, but cinema is the winner21 December 2022
Avatar 2 star says the franchise will get better with each movie21 December 2022
James Gunn explains why studio interference can't affect the DCEU now21 December 2022
John Carpenter's The Thing nearly had a much worse ending21 December 2022
James Cameron threatens to reboot the Terminator franchise again21 December 2022
House of the Dragon's Emma D'Arcy almost didn't get Rhaenyra role21 December 2022
Burt Ward was told his penis was too big for Batman TV series21 December 2022
Is Avatar 2 in 3D only? What formats can I watch Way of Water in?21 December 2022
The MCU's worst villain nearly looked a lot scarier21 December 2022
Will Chris Pine be in Star Trek 4?21 December 2022
Kate Hudson responds after iconic rom-com moment goes viral on TikTok21 December 2022
Dwayne Johnson finally admits Black Adam is out of the DCEU21 December 2022
Who is pregnant in Emily in Paris season 3?21 December 2022
Leonardo DiCaprio nearly played this iconic Star Wars character21 December 2022
One of the year's best movies is now on Disney Plus21 December 2022
Spider-Verse 2 poster includes fan-favourite Spider-Man20 December 2022
Harrison Ford is joining the MCU for this one simple reason20 December 2022
Bad Boys 4 with Will Smith could still happen, says Jerry Bruckheimer20 December 2022
Jim Carrey hates the fact he was in Kick-Ass 2, here's why20 December 2022
Wednesday season 2 isn't greenlit yet, but Netflix is "optimistic"20 December 2022
Kyle Gallner says there's "a lot to explore" in the world of Smile20 December 2022
Indiana Jones 5 will explain what happened to Shia LaBeouf's character20 December 2022
Hugh Jackman teases Deadpool 3 is a time travel movie20 December 2022
People think this Smile star should play Green Arrow, and he agrees20 December 2022
It’s okay to be a nepo baby, just be honest about it20 December 2022
James Cameron tried to make Avatar 2 shorter but couldn’t20 December 2022
Why Melissa Joan Hart isn't interested in a Sabrina reboot20 December 2022
Glass Onion has another secret Knives Out cameo you missed20 December 2022
House of the Dragon star breaks down Alicent foot fetish scene20 December 2022
Danny DeVito goes viral as someone's Christmas tree, and he loves it20 December 2022
Clint Eastwood wasn't the first choice to play The Man With No Name20 December 2022
Best Christmas gifts for movie buffs 202220 December 2022
Who plays Oppenheimer in the new movie?20 December 2022
Rings of Power season 3 updates could arrive soon, says Amazon20 December 2022
Kevin Costner nearly turned down Yellowstone, here's why20 December 2022
Gal Gadot might still be Wonder Woman in the DCEU20 December 2022
This Disney movie contains an NSFW easter egg you've never noticed20 December 2022
Star Wars: Mace Windu explained20 December 2022
House of the Dragon: what happens to Rhaenyra's baby?20 December 2022
The Last of Us is "the greatest story" in games, says series creator20 December 2022
Who does Kate Winslet play in Avatar 2?20 December 2022
Who does Edie Falco play in Avatar 2?20 December 2022
Avatar 2: what's the difference between the Na'vi and the avatars?20 December 2022
Avatar 2: the Na'vi and Pandora explained20 December 2022
How long is Avatar 2? The Way of Water runtime20 December 2022
A Million Little Things season 5 release date speculation and more20 December 2022
Will there be an Avatar 6?20 December 2022
Everyone who dies in Avatar 220 December 2022
Fate: The Winx Saga season 3 release date speculation, cast, plot20 December 2022
Why do Jake and Neytiri’s children have five fingers in Avatar 2?20 December 2022
Big Sky season 3 release date, cast details, and more20 December 2022
Who is Spider’s father in Avatar 2?20 December 2022
Why are the humans invading Pandora in Avatar 2?20 December 2022
How does Colonel Quaritch come back to life in Avatar 2?20 December 2022
Does Avatar 2 The Way of Water have a post-credit scene?20 December 2022
When should you pee while watching Avatar 2?20 December 2022
Why are the humans hunting the Tulkuns in Avatar 2?20 December 2022
How do the Na'vi and Avatars have babies?20 December 2022
What will Avatar 3 be called?20 December 2022
Edie Falco thought Avatar 2 came out years ago and flopped19 December 2022
The Marvels synopsis has MCU characters fixing "destabilised universe"19 December 2022
Jaws inspired more shark hunting, and Spielberg regrets it19 December 2022
Game of Thrones reprimanded by Ofcom for airing episode with swears19 December 2022
Black Adam now top movie on HBO Max19 December 2022
Indiana Jones 5 doesn't have an alternate ending, says director19 December 2022
James Cameron wants Matt Damon to be in an Avatar movie19 December 2022
The Polar Express director won't call it an animated movie19 December 2022
The Boys makes fun of Karl Urban’s Lord of the Rings character19 December 2022
Aragorn & Boromir shared steamy kiss in first Lord of the Rings script19 December 2022
Tarantino wrote this Inglorious Basterds character for Adam Sandler19 December 2022
Rings of Power star teases Arondir's internal conflict for season 219 December 2022
Scream writer debunks popular fan theory19 December 2022
The Winchesters star would like Dean Winchester to show up again19 December 2022
Creed 3 starts a "new era" for the Rocky movies, says Michael B Jordan19 December 2022
Smallville star Michael Rosenbaum wants to be DCEU's Lex Luthor19 December 2022
Avatar 2 Easter eggs, everything you missed in The Way of Water19 December 2022
Demon Slayer character shuts down subway in Mexico19 December 2022
Avatar: is Na'vi a real language?19 December 2022
Helen Mirren agreed to Yellowstone 1923 without reading a script19 December 2022
Avatar: why can't humans breathe on Pandora?19 December 2022
Tom Cruise thanks Top Gun 2 fans while freefall skydiving19 December 2022
Avatar 2 is already one of the highest-grossing movies of 202219 December 2022
Dennis Hopper reveals why Apocalypse Now star Marlon Brando hated him19 December 2022
House of the Dragon: what has Aemond put in his eye socket?19 December 2022
House of the Dragon: who was the dragon Daemon Targaryen sang to?19 December 2022
House of the Dragon: did Rhaenyra and Daemon Targaryen get married?19 December 2022
House of the Dragon: is Rhaenyra Targaryen mentioned in GoT?19 December 2022
House of the Dragon: what is Viserys' disease?19 December 2022
House of the Dragon: how does Aemond Targaryen lose his eye?19 December 2022
House of the Dragon: did Otto Hightower kill Viserys Targaryen?19 December 2022
House of the Dragon: why does Daemon think Viserys was murdered?19 December 2022
House of the Dragon: why did Alicent show Larys Strong her feet?19 December 2022
House of the Dragon: why does Alicent hate Rhaenyra so much?19 December 2022
House of the Dragon: can non-Targaryens be Dragonriders?19 December 2022
House of the Dragon: did Aemond mean to kill Lucerys?19 December 2022
House of the Dragon: why doesn't Prince Aegon want to be king?19 December 2022
House of the Dragon: how did Viserys lose his eye?19 December 2022
House of the Dragon: why doesn't Prince Aemond have a dragon?19 December 2022
House of the Dragon: What does Larys Strong's bee sigil mean?19 December 2022
House of the Dragon: how are Targaryens related to dragons?19 December 2022
Can Helaena Targaryen see the future in House of the Dragon?19 December 2022
House of the Dragon: why do Targaryens have purple eyes?19 December 2022
Game of Thrones: is Hodor a Targaryen?19 December 2022
House of the Dragon: is Daemon Targaryen related to the Mad King?19 December 2022
House of the Dragon: why do Targaryens go mad?19 December 2022
House of the Dragon: why does the Iron Throne keep cutting Viserys?19 December 2022
House of the Dragon: is the Iron Throne cursed?19 December 2022
House of the Dragon: why didn't Rhaenyra kill Otto Hightower?19 December 2022
House of the Dragon: Meraxes explained19 December 2022
House of the Dragon: Lucerys Velaryon's dragon Arrax explained19 December 2022
House of the Dragon: Ser Criston Cole, Alicent's guard, explained19 December 2022
House of the Dragon: who is Mysaria the White Worm?19 December 2022
James Gunn shares reason why he had to do Guardians of the Galaxy 318 December 2022
Mamma Mia 3 gets a promising surprise update18 December 2022
George Lucas got this wrong in Star Wars, according to James Cameron17 December 2022
Netflix has cancelled its worst sitcom after one season17 December 2022
The Flash movie's two major cameos have just been axed17 December 2022
The Last Jedi's Rian Johnson still likes you, even if you hate him17 December 2022
Daniel Craig has decisive response when asked about James Bond regrets17 December 2022
Rings of Power was easier to create than Avatar 2, suggests Cameron17 December 2022
Denis Villeneuve's worst drug experience inspired crucial Dune scene17 December 2022
Bill Murray has a surprisingly important role in Ant-Man 317 December 2022
Harrison Ford didn't watch Yellowstone before 1923 but he did see this17 December 2022
James Cameron scientifically debunks Titanic’s biggest controversy17 December 2022
Blockbuster season 2 release date speculation17 December 2022
Donald Glover to lead a Sony Spider-Man movie17 December 2022
Invincible season 2 updates are coming soon16 December 2022
House of the Dragon star thinks Aegon is more complex than Joffrey16 December 2022
Harrison Ford refused to slow down horse-riding in Yellowstone 192316 December 2022
New Naruto anime series coming next year16 December 2022
Chris Jericho starring in pro wrestling horror movie16 December 2022
Edward Norton came up with that Tom Cruise costume in Knives Out 216 December 2022
Smile star says a sequel to the horror movie makes sense16 December 2022
Margot Robbie prepared for Babylon by partying non-stop16 December 2022
Danny Boyle changed Sunshine to cast Michelle Yeoh16 December 2022
What happened to Jake Sully's body at the end of Avatar?16 December 2022
Ant-Man 3 director wants it to be like an Avengers movie16 December 2022
Angela Lansbury honoured in Beauty and the Beast anniversary show16 December 2022
Batman movies will be "big part" of DCEU, says James Gunn16 December 2022
Joe Pesci bit Macaulay Culkin while making Home Alone16 December 2022
Transformers: is Optimus Prime the last Prime?16 December 2022
Ash and Pikachu's Pokémon series replacements have been revealed16 December 2022
The Boys rip into Donald Trump in spectacular fashion16 December 2022
Avatar star Sam Worthington explains why he didn't get James Bond16 December 2022
Black Adam is now streaming on HBO Max16 December 2022
Stranger Things star Sadie Sink doesn't know what's next for Max16 December 2022
Henry Cavill Warhammer 40K series, the three characters he could play16 December 2022
Yellowjackets season 2 hasn't started, but season 3 is confirmed16 December 2022
Indiana Jones 5 is getting an alternate ending, says John Williams16 December 2022
Dwayne Johnson refused to appear as Black Adam for Shazam 2 cameo16 December 2022
Henry Cavill’s Warhammer 40k dream is becoming a reality at Amazon16 December 2022
Who is Kiri's father in Avatar 2?16 December 2022
Where was Avatar 2 filmed?16 December 2022
Avatar 2 release date, cast, plot, trailers, and more16 December 2022
Everything you need to know before watching Avatar 216 December 2022
Is there an Avatar post-credit scene?16 December 2022
Martin Scorsese terrified Leonardo DiCaprio with this scene15 December 2022
Stranger Things season 5 will be "very emotional", says director15 December 2022
Peter Jackson is "proudest" of this movie, and it's not from LotR15 December 2022
A Death Stranding movie is in the works from Kojima Productions15 December 2022
Miles Morales isn't part of the Spider Society in Spider-Verse 2 (yet)15 December 2022
Fast and Furious star Paul Walker has a great cameo in this new game15 December 2022
James Cameron has sworn a "blood oath" to make Alita 215 December 2022
Like Krypton, DC Studios must let their cinematic universe dream die15 December 2022
Ms Marvel star got the best advice from Samuel L Jackson15 December 2022
Darren Aronofsky wants to make one of his best movies into a musical15 December 2022
Deadpool 3 is filming soon, will be "raw, gritty, and grounded"15 December 2022
Guillermo del Toro would rather die than attempt to make Avatar 215 December 2022
Ben Affleck is up for directing a DC movie15 December 2022
The Last Jedi is (still) the best Star Wars movie15 December 2022
The Witcher will survive without Henry Cavill, says Netflix boss15 December 2022
Raiders of the Lost Ark star comments on Indiana Jones 5 appearance15 December 2022
DCEU fans have already fan-cast the perfect new Superman15 December 2022
Stephen Lang came up with one of Avatar 2's coolest moments15 December 2022
Is Optimus Prime in Transformers 6?15 December 2022
Is Oppenheimer a black-and-white movie?15 December 2022
Buffy had an "extremely toxic male set", says Sarah Michelle Gellar15 December 2022
Barbie movie dream houses are "everything you ever dreamed of"15 December 2022
James Gunn has a "full slate" of DC movies coming15 December 2022
Is Henry Cavill returning as Superman?15 December 2022
Scream 6 can benefit from Neve Campbell absence, says director15 December 2022
Harry Styles almost had a "completely different" scene in Eternals15 December 2022
Flanaverse star Rahul Kohli has best idea for next Henry Cavill movie15 December 2022
Will there be a My Hero Academia season 7?15 December 2022
Henry Cavill isn't returning as Superman for Man of Steel 2 after all15 December 2022
Jamie Lee Curtis didn’t get Everything Everywhere’s hot dog scene14 December 2022
Iron Man is the first Marvel movie to be honoured by congress14 December 2022
Sword Art Online Progressive release date confirmed for next year14 December 2022
Robert Pattinson's Batman could have bigger part in DCEU14 December 2022
The young Avatar 2 cast members on following up the biggest movie ever14 December 2022
Exclusive: Na’vi do have genitals say Avatar 2 cast14 December 2022
Michael Bay unboxing Tom Cruise's Christmas cake is a joy to behold14 December 2022
Why Harrison Ford agreed to join Yellowstone 192314 December 2022
Rings of Power's best director is returning for season 214 December 2022
Kate Winslet broke a record set by Tom Cruise while making Avatar 214 December 2022
This Smile scene had to be changed to avoid seizures14 December 2022
Ghostface goes full Jason takes Manhattan in Scream 6 trailer14 December 2022
Demon Slayer: why is Nezuko's mouth covered?14 December 2022
House of the Dragon star teases character’s “rage” in season 214 December 2022
Tom Cruise gave Top Gun 2 star the best advice on filming the ending14 December 2022
Paul Newman tried to stop people watching this movie14 December 2022
Planet of the Apes has a Super Mario Easter egg you didn't notice14 December 2022
John Krasinski shoots down Fantastic Four MCU rumours14 December 2022
Patty Jenkins breaks silence on Wonder Woman 314 December 2022
Patty Jenkins confirms her Star Wars movie is still happening14 December 2022
The Witcher: what is Geralt of Rivia's real name?14 December 2022
Star Wars: who is Luke Skywalker's son?14 December 2022
Joker 2 is currently filming, but Lady Gaga isn't there (yet)14 December 2022
Every Spider-Man in the Across the Spider-Verse trailer13 December 2022
Angela Bassett came up with one of the best Black Panther scenes13 December 2022
Darren Aronofsky is surprised by The Whale fatsuit controversy13 December 2022
Daniel Craig came up with No Time To Die's ending after this movie13 December 2022
Miles Morales battles Spider-Man 2099 in Spider-Verse 2 trailer13 December 2022
Classic Zoolander meme goes viral on TikTok13 December 2022
Avatar 2 review (2022): James Cameron does it again13 December 2022
Jennifer Coolidge's best White Lotus line has become a meme13 December 2022
Michael B Jordan just copied Ryan Reynolds' best decision13 December 2022
Bill Skarsgård wasn't always going to play the John Wick 4 villain13 December 2022
Tommy Lee Jones once fired his daughter from a movie13 December 2022
Christopher Nolan recreated first atomic bomb test without CGI13 December 2022
Hayao Miyazaki's new anime movie has a release date, and it's soon13 December 2022
Game of Thrones star still hasn't watched the hit fantasy series13 December 2022
Spider-Verse 2 is using the perfect Spider-Man villain, here's why13 December 2022
Alita 2 discussions are happening, confirms producer13 December 2022
Ant-Man 3 probably won't bring back this Marvel villain13 December 2022
Colin Farrell confirms when The Penguin HBO series filming starts13 December 2022
One of Christopher Nolan's best movies is now streaming on Shudder UK12 December 2022
Charlize Theron knew this action movie was going to flop12 December 2022
Dune 2 has completed filming12 December 2022
This horror movie cost less than a car to make and it looks terrifying12 December 2022
Smile star Judy Reyes on making the scariest horror movie of 202212 December 2022
Scream creator regrets killing this fan-favourite character12 December 2022
Diego Luna sets Star Wars milestone at Golden Globes12 December 2022
Adam Sandler made kids cry filming Billy Madison dodgeball scene12 December 2022
Demon Slayer season 3 release date is coming early next year12 December 2022
Marvel fans can't stop looking at the MCU's new golden god12 December 2022
Luke Evans recreates viral Netflix Scrooge movie scene12 December 2022
The Witcher Blood Origin review: mildly frustrating and moderately fun12 December 2022
James Gunn calls Superman "biggest priority" in DCEU12 December 2022
Here's how Cowboy Bebop's best character became a corgi dog12 December 2022
Tom Cruise gave Emily Blunt this brutal advice for Edge of Tomorrow12 December 2022
The Mandalorian star wants Star Wars to bring back the "old Boba Fett"12 December 2022
Black Panther 2 just made box-office history for Ryan Coogler12 December 2022
House of the Dragon star reveals who Viserys sees when he dies12 December 2022
Kit Harington teases Jon Snow Game of Thrones spin-off12 December 2022
Andor proves what we all know to be true about Stormtroopers12 December 2022
Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi proves Yoda was just a bit weird12 December 2022
Who died in The White Lotus season 2?12 December 2022
Star Wars: why Yoda speaks in such a unique way12 December 2022
Andor: what does BBY mean in Star Wars?11 December 2022
The Batman's best scene had terrifyingly complex stunt work11 December 2022
Star Wars: what is a Glup Shitto?11 December 2022
Star Wars: is Rey a Skywalker?11 December 2022
Ncuti Gatwa studied this previous Doctor to prepare for Doctor Who11 December 2022
Aegon Targaryen II will cause "havoc" in House of the Dragon season 211 December 2022
Brendan Fraser's The Whale co-star Sadie Sink had no idea who he was11 December 2022
Joker 2 first set photo shows skeletal Joaquin Phoenix's Arthur Fleck11 December 2022
Michael Keaton's cancelled Batman Beyond movie had Catwoman romance11 December 2022
The creator of Star Wars' most iconic costume, Richard Miller, dies11 December 2022
Avatar 2 actors used underwater jetpacks to make Na'vi better swimmers10 December 2022
The Mandalorian season 3 is more "profound" says Giancarlo Esposito10 December 2022
The new king of the MCU just met the new king of England10 December 2022
Avatar 4's script triggered a shocking two-word response from studios10 December 2022
Paddy Considine refused to watch one House of the Dragon episode10 December 2022
This Dune 2 cast member didn't even have to audition for their role10 December 2022
Andor's scariest villain shares surprising Better Call Saul parallel10 December 2022
Jonathan Frakes teases more TNG follow up series after Picard season 310 December 2022
Guillermo del Toro has disappointing Justice League Dark movie update9 December 2022
Shrek 5 is "probably" going to happen, says Antonio Banderas9 December 2022
Helen Mirren was "intimidated" by Harrison Ford when they first met9 December 2022
George RR Martin has more than halfway finished The Winds of Winter9 December 2022
Pinhead explained: who is Hellraiser's lead Cenobite?9 December 2022
Charlize Theron is (still) open to leading a Fast and Furious movie9 December 2022
Will Smith is offering an Apple TV Plus free trial for his new movie9 December 2022
James McAvoy wanted his Professor X to look like he did drugs9 December 2022
Kang actor reveals what villains he studied to prepare for MCU role9 December 2022
James Cameron says MCU isn't "even close" to Avatar 2's effects9 December 2022
Why Leonardo DiCaprio didn't love working with Daniel Day-Lewis9 December 2022
Everything Everywhere director tells fans to stop attacking critics9 December 2022
Scream’s Ghostface actor is the voice of an iconic cartoon character9 December 2022
Toni Collette was disappointed about doing The Sixth Sense, here's why9 December 2022
Texas Chainsaw Massacre star calls out Jennifer Lawrence9 December 2022
Ben Stiller shares secret of clever Severance camera trick9 December 2022
George RR Martin's original plan for Game of Thrones sounds wild9 December 2022
Transformers: Terrorcons explained9 December 2022
Michael Keaton was going to be in a fan-favourite Batman movie9 December 2022
Will there be a Firefly Lane season 3?9 December 2022
Is there a Doctor Who Christmas special this year?9 December 2022
Salma Hayek had to be hypnotised to get through this horror movie9 December 2022
Jason Momoa turned down this beloved MCU character9 December 2022
Where can I watch Meghan and Harry?9 December 2022
Is Guillermo del Toro's Pinocchio on Netflix?9 December 2022
His Dark Materials Season 3 release date, cast, plot details, and more9 December 2022
Paper Girls season 2 release date speculation, plot, cast, more9 December 2022
Vikings: Valhalla season 2 release date, cast, plot, trailer, and more9 December 2022
Charlize Theron used to think that Marvel was for f-ing nerds8 December 2022
Tom Hardy wrestled The Revenant director to the ground on-set8 December 2022
Jennifer Lawrence explains how Hunger Games changed action movies8 December 2022
Peter Capaldi really wanted Tom Hanks to play Doctor Who8 December 2022
Attack on Titan creator wanted anime series to make change he regrets8 December 2022
Christopher Plummer really didn't like The Sound of Music, here's why8 December 2022
James Cameron wrote an Avatar movie that'll never be made8 December 2022
Wonder Woman 3 cancelled as DCEU takes shape under James Gunn8 December 2022
You can now stay in Hobbiton from the Lord of the Rings movies8 December 2022
Steven Spielberg knows a movie's good when he forgets he made it8 December 2022
Samuel L. Jackson thinks this is his best movie7 December 2022
One of the cutest Star Wars characters just got even cuter7 December 2022
Keanu Reeves petitioned to be this Lord of the Rings character7 December 2022
Demon Slayer season 3 event announced for this month7 December 2022
Jeff Goldblum's Independence Day role was offered to someone else7 December 2022
Clint Eastwood plans to be oldest director in Hollywood7 December 2022
Andor season 2 can make Rogue One the best Star Wars movie of all time7 December 2022
Jacob Elordi almost quit acting after making The Kissing Booth7 December 2022
Yes, David Bowie's bulge in Labyrinth was intentional7 December 2022
George Lucas was right about Star Wars7 December 2022
Sandra Bullock was the first person to buy cinema tickets online7 December 2022
Ryan Reynolds explains how he injured Denzel Washington twice making Safe House7 December 2022
Danny Glover's iconic Lethal Weapon line was added last minute6 December 2022
New anime movie from Your Name director gets US release date6 December 2022
Marlon Brando hated playing this character6 December 2022
Black Adam could be Dwayne Johnson's first box-office failure6 December 2022
Frozen director wanted to kill Olaf6 December 2022
Sorry White Lotus fans, Theo James used a prosthetic for nude scene6 December 2022
Pixar movie legend explains why Up is so upsetting6 December 2022
The Last of Us HBO series star isn't worried if players hate the show6 December 2022
One Piece Film Red: Uta explained6 December 2022
Bob Odenkirk wanted Better Call Saul to recast if he couldn't return6 December 2022
Adam Sandler says what we've all been thinking about Brendan Fraser6 December 2022
Tony Gilroy has a great vision for Andor season 2, says Adria Arjona6 December 2022
Robert Downey Jr responds to Tarantino's MCU criticism6 December 2022
Harrison Ford was the last actor George Lucas wanted for Han Solo6 December 2022
Fast and the Furious has an alternate ending you probably haven't seen6 December 2022
Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins nearly did a Marvel movie first6 December 2022
Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, Gohan's new form explained6 December 2022
Vinland Saga season 2 release date, cast, trailer, plot, and more6 December 2022
Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, Piccolo’s new form explained6 December 2022
How old is Luffy in One Piece?6 December 2022
Is Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero canon?6 December 2022
Chainsaw Man anime release date, cast, and more6 December 2022
Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, The Gammas explained6 December 2022
How long is the new Dragon Ball movie?6 December 2022
Arnold Schwarzenegger was paid $21,428 per word in Terminator 25 December 2022
Wednesday star Jenna Ortega got nightmares from this horror movie5 December 2022
Our dream My Dad Wrote a Porno movie stars Emilia Clarke and Sean Bean5 December 2022
Ben Affleck started directing because of his worst movie5 December 2022
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