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Andor: everyone who died during the Rebel’s heist

Everyone who died during the Rebel's heist: The Rebel heist on Aldhani was a bloody, brutal affair. There were death on both sides, so who didn't make it?

Everyone who died in the Rebel heist: Nemik in Andor episode 6

Everyone who died during the Rebel’s heist. Andor episode 6, The Eye, was brutal. It was a tense, action packed spectacle, stuffed full of nail-biting moments. Like earlier episodes in the sci-fi series, it also had more than its fair share of death.

To no one’s surprise, the heist didn’t go completely to plan. In fact, there was a lot more blaster fire than anyone had expected, and it seems like the group had initially thought that they’d be able to steal the credits from the Imperial base on Aldhani without pulling a single trigger.

Well, they were wrong. The episode of the Star Wars series saw a lot of fighting, and a lot of death. We’re here to tot up the kills, and put a name to the deceased. Roll up your sleeves, because this is going to get bloody. Here’s everyone who died during the Rebel’s heist on Aldhani.

Imperials who died in the heist

First off, there were the little guys. The average Joes. At our counting, there were between five and six Imperial officers in the TV series who got fatally involved in the Rebel heist.

Then, there’s the higher ups of the Galactic Empire. A high-ranking Imperial who was escorting Commandant Jayhold Beehaz and his family was the first casualty of the whole event. As he was being taken hostage, he managed to whip out his own blaster and point it square in Nemik’s face, only to be dispatched by the merciless Cinta.

Finally, Commandant Jayhold Beehaz suffered a heart attack, after all the manual labour and heavy lifting (this was foreshadowed in comic fashion by his inability to buckle his belt). His death kicked-off the battle, and rounds off a particularly bad day for the Galactic Empire.

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Rebels who died in the heist

Like in any good heist, it wasn’t just the villainous Star Wars characters who suffered casualties. The Rebellion also took some heavy losses.

The first to die was Taramyn Barcona. Earlier revealed to be an ex-Stormtrooper, he was shot by an Imperial as he dashed across the battlefield.

Then, there was Karis Nemik. The young idealist Rebel was crushed by the cargo as the ship took off, and it looked like he broke his spine. Later, he was being treated by a four-armed doctor, but the damage was too great and Nemik didn’t pull through.

Finally, the third member of the Rebel group to die an early death was Skeen. Skeen betrayed the Rebels, and wanted to take the credits with Andor after they had successfully pulled off the heist. Cassian Andor shot him dead, with next to no hesitation.

Of course, Lieutenant Gorn and Cinta could also be late casualties from the heist. Both got left behind, and whatever happens next, we don’t expect it to end especially well for either of them.

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