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Barry Keoghan doesn’t know if Joker will be in The Batman 2

Joker's appearance was teased in a post-credit scene in The Batman, but Barry Keoghan doesn't know if his movie villain will return in the sequel

Barry Keoghan as the Joker

Barry Keoghan shocked and delighted audiences by being the latest Joker actor to emerge on the big screen in a post-credits scene in DC movie The Batman. By including the teaser, director Matt Reeves made it clear that this wasn’t the last we were seeing of the Batman villain. However, in a new interview on the Happy Sad Confused podcast, Keoghan revealed he was still unsure if his character would play a role in a sequel to the superhero movie: The Batman 2.

“Obviously, I’d love another crack,” he said. “I’ve got a ton of back work done on him. If an opportunity does arise, but, you know, they make the call, and I’ve got to respect that.” He added, “I’ve got a few other things I’d love to bring. Actually, I have this little half-Moleskin book I’ve written a lot in already, and so yeah, I want to show people what that is.”

Fans later got an extra glimpse of the Clown Prince of Crime in action, after a deleted scene from the 2o22 movie showed a tense prison confrontation between Keoghan and Batman actor, Robert Pattinson.

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In an interview with IGN, Reeves previously revealed that the Joker we saw in The Batman was a “pre-Joker Joker.” He said, “[T]he idea for me, why I kept that scene in the movie, even though I cut the first scene that I’m describing, is because it was important for me at the end.”

“I actually took the scene that’s in the movie still out for a brief time,” Reeves continued. “And we tested it, and I realized that for me, on the one hand, it finishes the Riddler’s arc, because you know the way his story plays out and you see him in the wake of what’s happened and how Batman has been able to thwart what he was doing.”

The Batman 2 release date might be a while away, but if you want to see the iconic hero and villain pair in action while we wait for the new movie, check out all the Batman movies in order.