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Robert Pattinson calls new movie “like nothing I’ve ever done before”

Parasite director Bong Joon-ho's latest upcoming movie, Mickey 17, stars Robert Pattinson playing two cloned versions of himself who team up

robert pattinson in mickey 17

After his starring role in 2022 movie The Batman, people are appreciating Robert Pattinson in ways they never have before. After years of being defined based on his role in The Twilight movies, the Batman actor has finally broken out of the teen movie mould and is taking on more ambitious projects than ever.

One such project is Mickey 17, the new movie directed by Bong-Joon-ho. In a new interview with ES Magazine, Pattinson shared some insights about working on the film, wherein he plays not one, but two characters who also happen to be clones of one another. “[I]t’s like nothing I’ve ever done before,” he said. “The movie is so crazy, it’s a completely different style of working. It’s so much talking.”

Starring alongside Pattinson in Mickey 17 is Star Wars cast member Naomi Ackie, and in an interview with Total Film, she was full of praise for the cast, crew, and Bong-Joon-ho’s creative vision on the science fiction movie.

“I’m terrified to speak on it,” she admitted. “The cast on it are incredible, director Bong is one of the most genius and kind men I’ve ever had the privilege to work with.”

“The story is heartwarming and wild and funny. We had a lot of fun, there was a lot of laughter on that set. I think what I really loved about the making of that film was how intricate it was, how detailed it was.”

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She added, “The story is amazing, but how he chooses to tell it is very decisive, he’s a very decisive director. He knows what he wants, and he’s specific in a really freeing way.”

“Man, I love that guy so much. Getting to see how he directs and how he puts his films together is like the most unique way I’ve ever seen. It’s incredible, I geeked out hard from the technical actor perspective, it was just like a totally different shift on how I’ve ever performed.”

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