July 2022 Archive

Star Trek cast and crew pay tribute to Nichelle Nichols31 July 2022
Star Trek legend Nichelle Nichols dies aged 8931 July 2022
Why is it so hard to make a good football movie?31 July 2022
House of the Dragon director says GoT creators are "good" with prequel29 July 2022
Metallica uses Stranger Things footage during Lollapalooza show29 July 2022
Marvel explains how Spider-Man: Freshman Year is MCU canon29 July 2022
DnD Beyond was used as reference for new Dungeons and Dragons movie29 July 2022
Daniel Kaluuya reveals how his mum felt about rude Oscars speech29 July 2022
Bullet Train's director shares secret to making great action movies29 July 2022
Will Smith apologises to Chris Rock for "unacceptable" Oscars slap29 July 2022
Taron Egerton turned down Han Solo because he "just didn't feel it"29 July 2022
Creed 3 has been delayed, and we’re ready to fight someone about it29 July 2022
MCU fans spot Ghost Rider in She-Hulk teaser29 July 2022
Brie Larson teases Fast and Furious 10 role with on-set photo29 July 2022
Tomb Raider 2 in doubt as studio loses rights to property29 July 2022
Jon Favreau argued with Endgame directors about killing Iron Man29 July 2022
Ben Affleck will return as Batman for Aquaman 229 July 2022
Donald Trump reportedly crashed Wolf of Wall Street set29 July 2022
The Wilds season 3 isn't happening and we need a minute29 July 2022
Baz Luhrmann made people heckle Elvis star until he went home in tears28 July 2022
Drago is getting his own Creed spin-off28 July 2022
The Witcher season 3 pauses production due to Covid-1928 July 2022
Mission: Impossible 8 cast adds Mindhunter's Holt McCallany28 July 2022
Chris Rock admits Will Smith slap hurt as he jokes about Oscars night28 July 2022
Peaky Blinders movie to start filming in 18 months, says Steven Knight28 July 2022
Why Clint Eastwood turned down James Bond28 July 2022
Robert Patrick says "it would be interesting" to play T-1000 again28 July 2022
Evil Dead Rise could get theatrical release, says Bruce Campbell28 July 2022
Kevin Feige wants Deadpool 3 to do what Ragnarok did for Thor28 July 2022
Black Adam's violence is "ruthless" promise DCEU movie's producers28 July 2022
Pedro Pascal shares Din Djarin’s new role in The Mandalorian season 328 July 2022
The Hunger Games star forgives Jack Quaid for killing their character28 July 2022
Spider-Verse 2 merch confirms new Spider-Man variant28 July 2022
Sebastian Stan divides fans with prosthetics for new A24 movie28 July 2022
The Rock dressed as Superdog to surprise DC League of Super-Pets fans28 July 2022
Fantastic Four MCU movie won't be an origin story, says Kevin Feige28 July 2022
Doctor Who star Bernard Cribbins dies aged 9328 July 2022
A dream that Jordan Peele had in 2014 may have inspired horror Nope27 July 2022
Former Skins actor reacts to watching Euphoria for the first time27 July 2022
Netflix accused of retroactively editing Stranger Things27 July 2022
Doctor Strange 2 star shares huge Multiverse of Madness reshoot change27 July 2022
Sylvester Stallone is a retired superman in first Samaritan trailer27 July 2022
Eminem nearly played Brian in Fast and the Furious27 July 2022
Rick and Morty season 6 premieres this September27 July 2022
Rick and Morty season 6 release date, trailer, and more27 July 2022
Simon Pegg was jealous when J.J. Abrams went to make Star Wars27 July 2022
Ant-Man 3 will be very different from previous two movies27 July 2022
Paul Dano wants to play The Riddler in The Batman 227 July 2022
Draco Malfoy only has 31 minutes screentime in the Harry Potter movies27 July 2022
Stranger Things fan theory explains how Eddie Munson could return27 July 2022
Simu Liu congratulates Avengers 5 director in most adorkable way27 July 2022
Stanley Kubrick completed the art of filmmaking27 July 2022
Bad news Bridgerton fans, Regé-Jean Page is not in Secret Invasion26 July 2022
Chris Pine has an adorable reason for making DnD movie26 July 2022
Avengers 5 will be directed by Shang-Chi's Destin Daniel Cretton26 July 2022
The Gray Man 2 and another spin-off greenlit by Netflix26 July 2022
The Happening star Zooey Deschanel thinks people didn't get it26 July 2022
Stranger Things star got out of US immigration after being recognised26 July 2022
Fast and Furious almost went straight-to-DVD for Tokyo Drift26 July 2022
Where Spider-Man may fit in Marvel's Phase 5 and 626 July 2022
Nope cast all believe in aliens26 July 2022
Independence Day had a far worse title before Bill Pullman's speech26 July 2022
Eragon series coming to Disney Plus with author Christopher Paolini26 July 2022
Namor doesn't rule Atlantis in Black Panther 226 July 2022
Forget Pinocchio, The Munsters has the worst trailer we've ever seen26 July 2022
Supreme Leader Snoke from Star Wars was based on Peter Cushing26 July 2022
Wyatt Russell says Thunderbolts director is best person for the job26 July 2022
Secret Cinema: Dirty Dancing review — were our Hungry Eyes satiated?26 July 2022
Jack Quaid had the perfect disguise to get round Comic-Con25 July 2022
Jason Isaacs tried to kill Harry Potter by accident25 July 2022
Jordan Peele's Nope is already breaking records25 July 2022
Sonya Cassidy would happily return to Lodge 4925 July 2022
Goodfellas actor Paul Sorvino has passed away, aged 8325 July 2022
Wyatt Russell on Lodge 49 and working with Thunderbolts director25 July 2022
Jurassic Park's grossest scene is a toy now, dinosaur poo not included25 July 2022
The Lost City 2 is "always possible", say directors25 July 2022
Sonya Cassidy isn't in Last Kingdom movie due to scheduling conflict25 July 2022
Spider-Man and Daredevil to lead MCU street heroes, says Kevin Feige25 July 2022
Vin Diesel treats Fast and Furious movies like DnD25 July 2022
The Lost City directors reveal future plans following digital release25 July 2022
Percy Jackson TV series could premiere early 202425 July 2022
David Warner, star of Titanic and The Omen, dies aged 8025 July 2022
Wyatt Russell is still waiting on Thunderbolts call25 July 2022
Henry Cavill is "the Superman of our generation", says Dwayne Johnson25 July 2022
Can I stream the new animated movie DC League of Super-Pets?25 July 2022
House of the Dragon: how is Rhaenys Targaryen related to Daenerys?25 July 2022
Game of Thrones: who is Daenerys in love with?25 July 2022
The shootout scene in Heat is so good the Marines use it for training24 July 2022
Here's everything Marvel Studios announced at San Diego Comic-Con 202224 July 2022
Black Panther 2 trailer premieres at San Diego Comic-Con24 July 2022
She-Hulk release date, trailer, cast, plot, and more24 July 2022
Travel to The Dreaming in The Sandman TV series trailer23 July 2022
See season 3 release date, plot, cast, and more23 July 2022
Horror movie fans spot Annabelle in Shazam 2 trailer23 July 2022
Aldis Hodge nearly lost Black Adam role after swearing at The Rock23 July 2022
Everything we learned during the DCEU panel at San Diego Comic-Con23 July 2022
Hunger Games star to lead new Star Wars series The Acolyte23 July 2022
Laugh all you want at Avatar 2, history will vindicate James Cameron22 July 2022
Ryan Gosling says new Doctor Who is “most exciting thing" right now22 July 2022
Logan is now streaming on Disney Plus22 July 2022
The Lord Of The Rings Fellowship members all got a matching tattoo22 July 2022
Peppa Pig fan theory gives her a horrifying backstory22 July 2022
Is Where The Crawdads Sing based on a true story?22 July 2022
Was Ms Marvel really the MCU's first mutant?22 July 2022
Vin Diesel's Fast 10 pay cheque revealed22 July 2022
DC has no plans for more SnyderVerse movies, says Jim Lee22 July 2022
Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds celebrate Deadpool now on Disney Plus22 July 2022
Dungeons and Dragons movie trailer introduces new Forgotten Realms21 July 2022
Luck is Apple's answer to the Pixar movie Inside Out21 July 2022
Andrew Lloyd Weber reacts to Phantom of the Opera reference in Thor 421 July 2022
Schwarzenegger didn't like Terminator 2 because he didn't kill anyone21 July 2022
Tom Cruise made ridiculous money for Top Gun: Maverick21 July 2022
Fast and Furious 10 set photos show Helen Mirren's return21 July 2022
Simon Pegg regrets being a toxic Star Wars fan21 July 2022
Henry Cavill rumoured for DCEU SDCC panel to talk "more Superman"21 July 2022
Is Jordan Peele's Nope a horror movie?21 July 2022
Simon Pegg wants to do "grown-up stuff" instead of the MCU20 July 2022
How NASA helped create the music for the Resident Evil Netflix series20 July 2022
Nope has a Scorpion King Easter egg, and Twitter loves it20 July 2022
Ethan Hawke reveals why The Truman Show director quit Hollywood20 July 2022
Thor 4 writer only saw post-credits scene at the premiere20 July 2022
Halloween Ends trailer teases Michael and Laurie's last showdown20 July 2022
Harry Potter star claims Arnold Schwarzenegger farted in her face20 July 2022
Ryan Gosling is waiting for Marvel to make him Captain Canada20 July 2022
Magic Mike 3 has Channing Tatum doing a lap dance19 July 2022
Fast 10 is filming in Italy, fulfilling a promise from Vin Diesel19 July 2022
William Friedkin called Oliver Stone "full of sh*t" over DVDs19 July 2022
Ms Marvel is "tip of the iceberg" for Kamala Khan's power in the MCU19 July 2022
Fake accounts fuelled 'Snyder Cut' movement, Warner Bros alleges19 July 2022
Jake Gyllenhaal and Tom Holland did 40 takes on one Spider-Man scene19 July 2022
John Wick was written for Clint Eastwood until Keanu Reeves wanted it19 July 2022
Nope first reactions are in, and Jordan Peele's done it again19 July 2022
Venom 2 is the reason Top Gun 2 is doing so well, Sony claims19 July 2022
Emilia Clarke opens up about surviving two brain aneurysms18 July 2022
New Fear Street movies reportedly coming from Netflix18 July 2022
Kevin Feige won’t back down on the MCU being Earth-61618 July 2022
Crunchyroll price now reduced in UK and Ireland18 July 2022
Bruce Willis revisited Die Hard's Nakatomi Plaza for 34th anniversary18 July 2022
Kevin Feige is the only one who knows the MCU's X-Men plan18 July 2022
Original Fast and Furious director hated Tokyo Drift18 July 2022
Keanu Reeves wants to play an older Batman "down the road"18 July 2022
Pokémon is doing life-sized plushies now and they're so cute18 July 2022
Ralph Fiennes improvised Voldemort's most awkward moment18 July 2022
Taika Waititi confirms Thor 4 Dwayne Johnson Easter egg18 July 2022
Roger Moore was the perfect James Bond and here's why18 July 2022
Star Wars: Andor gives Diego Luna "much more to say" than Rogue One18 July 2022
Harrison Ford scared Chris Pratt out of considering Indiana Jones15 July 2022
The Boys spin-off is now called Gen V15 July 2022
Captain America: The Winter Soldier shut down a freeway for two weeks15 July 2022
Adam Scott joins cast of Spider-Man spin-off Madame Web15 July 2022
Doctor Who compares James Webb telescope images to classic opening15 July 2022
Clue starring Ryan Reynolds is still in development15 July 2022
Harry Potter wand duels were designed as dance sequences15 July 2022
The Blade Runner movie that never got made was much sadder than 204915 July 2022
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom dress was eaten by an elephant15 July 2022
Baby Yoda is "completely stolen" from Gremlins, says Joe Dante15 July 2022
Daniel Kaluuya's Barney the Dinosaur movie is going ahead15 July 2022
Dwayne Johnson's dog has a Fast and Furious cameo15 July 2022
Sam Raimi's Spider-Man movies auditioned spiders for bite scene15 July 2022
Breaking Bad statues to be erected in Albuquerque15 July 2022
Ms Marvel directors didn't know about the post-credits scene15 July 2022
Keanu Reeves loves Batman, but isn't so keen on Superman15 July 2022
Lilo and Stitch live-action remake being made by Dean Fleischer Camp15 July 2022
Scream 6 cast reportedly adds Ready or Not star Samara Weaving14 July 2022
Chucky season 2 will premiere in October14 July 2022
Michael Flatley's thriller movie is real and there's an actual trailer14 July 2022
Simon in Bridgerton is the "best example of a Regency f**kboy"14 July 2022
Lucky the Pizza dog from Hawkeye is living their best life14 July 2022
Galadriel teases Sauron's rise in new Rings of Power trailer14 July 2022
Taco Bell was the "greatest thing" to ever happen to Demolition Man14 July 2022
The Black Phone director "not closed off" to doing a sequel14 July 2022
Iron Throne in Game of Thrones contains real swords14 July 2022
Harrison Ford would "sh*t and die" if he was in a Sully-like situation14 July 2022
David Tennant was in talks for Fast and Furious role14 July 2022
Obi-Wan Kenobi lightsaber inspired by both A New Hope and the prequels14 July 2022
Batgirl movie will have lots of Edgar Wright-like editing14 July 2022
Morbius is screening at SDCC for some reason14 July 2022
Halloween Ends actor was traumatised by the practical effects work14 July 2022
She-Hulk is a sitcom within the MCU, says showrunner14 July 2022
Daniel Kaluuya reportedly not in Black Panther 213 July 2022
Ana de Armas feels "ridiculous" doing action movies like The Gray Man13 July 2022
Black Mirror season 6 cast includes Aaron Paul and Josh Hartnett13 July 2022
One Harry Potter scene took eight months to get the effects right13 July 2022
Ms Marvel X-Men reference wasn't always part of the MCU series13 July 2022
Orphan: First Kill trailer brings back Esther for another horror movie13 July 2022
Tom Cruise almost starred in The Shawshank Redemption13 July 2022
Harrison Ford punched Ryan Gosling for real during Blade Runner 204913 July 2022
Fast and Furious could restart like Jurassic Park, says Ludacris13 July 2022
Squid Game season 2 is "better" than creator expected so far13 July 2022
Midnight Mass Netflix series trends after Emmys snub13 July 2022
Man of Steel writer wanted Ryan Reynolds to be The Flash13 July 2022
Ms Marvel episode 6 review — Kamala Khan, far from home13 July 2022
Keanu Reeves turned down Platoon because it was too violent13 July 2022
What We Do in the Shadows season 4 release date, cast, and more13 July 2022
How does Ms Marvel get her superhero name?13 July 2022
Ms Marvel ending and post-credit scene explained13 July 2022
Indiana Jones 4 writer tried to talk Spielberg and Lucas out of aliens13 July 2022
Ironheart cast adds Alden Ehrenreich to MCU series13 July 2022
Ms Marvel: Is Kamala Khan the MCU's first mutant?13 July 2022
Rocky 2's biggest twist happened because Stallone injured himself12 July 2022
Ryan Gosling is reportedly interested in playing Ghost Rider12 July 2022
Wesley Snipes did Blade for kung-fu and Shaft fans12 July 2022
The Resident Evil Netflix series delivers a fresh take on zombies12 July 2022
Harry Potter flying car was once stolen despite being undriveable12 July 2022
Succession and Ted Lasso lead Emmy 2022 nominations12 July 2022
Martin Lawrence confirms Bad Boys 4 is happening despite Oscars slap12 July 2022
Dwayne Johnson wanted to play Black Adam 15 years ago12 July 2022
Channing Tatum hates his G.I. Joe movie, claims he was pushed into it12 July 2022
Stranger Things puts Metallica's 'Master of Puppets' back in charts12 July 2022
Avatar sequels are like The Lord of the Rings, says James Cameron12 July 2022
2 Fast 2 Furious cars were taken from the Austrian Rally team12 July 2022
Fifty Shades of Grey director making Amy Winehouse biopic12 July 2022
Gangs of London season 2 release date speculation, cast, and more12 July 2022
Thor 4 post-credits tease surprised Taika Waititi and Chris Hemsworth12 July 2022
Game of Thrones star is open to coming back for Jon Snow TV series12 July 2022
Star Wars fans scream for Darth Vader twist in 1983 reaction video12 July 2022
Superman vs Thor: Which superhero would win in a fight?12 July 2022
Only Murders in the Building season 3 announced11 July 2022
Train to Busan remake release date delayed indefinitely11 July 2022
Taron Egerton did Robin Hood for the money11 July 2022
James Bond composer Monty Norman passes away at 9411 July 2022
The Golden Girls gets sci-fi reboot from Bojack Horseman animator11 July 2022
Thor 4 - who plays Love?11 July 2022
James Cameron is OK with fans leaving to pee during Avatar 211 July 2022
Paul Rudd surprises bullied MCU fan with Ant-Man gifts11 July 2022
Sam Wilson is Captain America, confirms Chris Evans11 July 2022
John Carpenter didn't care for George Lucas or Spielberg's movies11 July 2022
How to watch The Gray Man - when can you stream the Netflix movie?11 July 2022
Harry Potter crew spent a week making 'Mad-Eye' Moody's coat look worn11 July 2022
Thor 4 has an accidental Beetlejuice reference11 July 2022
Fast and Furious 10 star Daniela Melchior teases "epic" action movie11 July 2022
Top Gun 3 is up to Tom Cruise, says Miles Teller11 July 2022
Sam Raimi's Spider-Man props feature in new SDCC exhibit11 July 2022
Mark Hamill settles AT-AT Star Wars debate11 July 2022
George Clooney admits he “f*cked up so bad” playing Batman11 July 2022
Stranger Things star practices Metallica cover in new clip11 July 2022
Thor: Love and Thunder Easter eggs you might've missed11 July 2022
The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent: Director Tom Gormican Q&A9 July 2022
The shocking true story that inspired The Blob9 July 2022
Captain America 4 gets The Cloverfield Paradox director8 July 2022
Julie Andrews knew Anne Hathway was going to be a star8 July 2022
Hitler in JoJo Rabbit was turned down by multiple A-list actors8 July 2022
Ms Marvel star Iman Vellani doesn't care about review-bombing8 July 2022
Original Star Wars footage used in new Disney Plus documentary8 July 2022
Thor: Love and Thunder — Who is Zeus?8 July 2022
Daniel Radcliffe trained for six months for one Harry Potter stunt8 July 2022
Gal Gadot filmed a cut flashback scene for Furious 78 July 2022
Steve Carell snuck into Jaws and The Exorcist, was traumatised by both8 July 2022
Metallica welcomes Stranger Things fans to the family8 July 2022
Matrix Resurrections concept art explains Neo and Trinity’s revival8 July 2022
Stranger Things season 4 made the same mistake as Rise of Skywalker8 July 2022
Is Matt Damon in Thor 4?8 July 2022
Encanto star hints at Disney movie's next "amazing phase"8 July 2022
Halloween Ends trailer is "dangerously close", says Jason Blum8 July 2022
Keanu Reeves goes viral for being the nicest man alive (again)8 July 2022
Every song in Thor: Love and Thunder8 July 2022
Christian Bale was mocked when he accepted Nolan's Batman movies8 July 2022
Thor 4 star Jaimie Alexander wants Lady Sif series with Beta Ray Bill8 July 2022
James Caan almost took Adam Sandler’s role in Uncut Gems8 July 2022
The Boys - Is Billy Butcher dying?8 July 2022
The Boys - What happened to Maeve?8 July 2022
Every Thor: Love and Thunder cameo explained8 July 2022
Is Eternity in Thor: Love and Thunder?8 July 2022
Thor: Love and Thunder - what are Mjolnir’s new powers?8 July 2022
How does Thor: Love and Thunder set up Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3?8 July 2022
Thor: Love and Thunder - Who is Hercules?8 July 2022
Thor: Love and Thunder - Does Jane die?8 July 2022
Thor: Love and Thunder — Why does Jane have Mjolnir?8 July 2022
Thor: Love and Thunder - what is the Necrosword?8 July 2022
Everyone who dies in Thor: Love and Thunder8 July 2022
Thor: Love and Thunder - is Gorr dead?8 July 2022
Thor: Love and Thunder ending and post-credits scenes explained8 July 2022
Jordan Peele considers Nope star Daniel Kaluuya his De Niro7 July 2022
The Boys star doesn’t want a Homelander redemption story7 July 2022
Chris Evans is "proud" Anthony Mackie is now the MCU's Captain America7 July 2022
Godfather and Misery actor James Caan has passed away7 July 2022
Charlie Cox's Daredevil to return in Marvel series Echo on Disney Plus7 July 2022
Shocking Star Wars behind-the-scenes clip reveals that R2D2 was a diva7 July 2022
Quentin Tarantino really loves Peppa Pig7 July 2022
Fast and Furious 6 started production before the fifth was done7 July 2022
Thor 4 deleted scenes include new planets and characters7 July 2022
Uncharted reportedly becoming a movie franchise7 July 2022
Stranger Things season 4 originally killed another character7 July 2022
Yu-Gi-Oh creator Kazuki Takahashi passes away at 607 July 2022
Hagrid's hut used bigger props so Harry Potter cast would seem small6 July 2022
Death Note Netflix adaptation coming from Stranger Things creators6 July 2022
Heat 2 is "totally planned" to become a movie, says Michael Mann6 July 2022
Thor 4 director got advice from James Gunn on writing the GotG6 July 2022
Kevin Smith's Clerks 3 trailer brings back Dante and Randall6 July 2022
Galadriel stars in (brief) new Rings of Power teaser6 July 2022
The Gray Man release date - when is Ryan Gosling's Netflix movie out?6 July 2022
Adam Sandler almost played Tom Cruise's role in Collateral6 July 2022
In the Dark season 4 release date, plot details, cast, and more6 July 2022
Jai Courtney wants Captain Boomerang to get his own HBO Max series6 July 2022
You can watch Morbius on a Game Boy Color now because why not6 July 2022
Thor: Love and Thunder review - MCU glory worthy of Valhalla6 July 2022
Natalie Holt discusses the music of Loki and Obi-Wan Kenobi6 July 2022
Iron Maiden approves of Eddie from Stranger Things6 July 2022
This is the Marvel movie Quentin Tarantino wanted to make6 July 2022
Thor: Love and Thunder brings back Fake Thor for Old Spice advert6 July 2022
Star Wars: Ahsoka will be a "stand-alone chapter"6 July 2022
The best Buzz Lightyear toys6 July 2022
Ryan Reynolds paid for a urinal dedicated to It’s Always Sunny star5 July 2022
Lord of the Rings actors reunion gets photobombed5 July 2022
Ludacris did his Fast and Furious audition before performing a concert5 July 2022
Tony Todd filled his mouth with live bees making Candyman5 July 2022
John Lithgow knew Trinity Killer story before joining Dexter5 July 2022
Stanley Kubrick had crazy instructions for looking after his pet cats5 July 2022
Deadpool 3 may include Morbius jokes5 July 2022
Men in Black has a clever Star Wars reference you've never noticed5 July 2022
Can I stream Thor: Love and Thunder?5 July 2022
Everything Everywhere All At Once directors deny sequel rumours5 July 2022
Fast and Furious cast teased Idris Elba about Cats5 July 2022
Amazon wanted to cut Herogasm's most outrageous moment5 July 2022
Thomas Jane's Punisher is in Spider-Man 2 (sort of)5 July 2022
Disney cut Commander Cody from Obi-Wan Kenobi5 July 2022
Stranger Things season 5 "probably" not coming until 20245 July 2022
James Cameron is unsure about Avatar 2's chance of success5 July 2022
Steven Spielberg is in his style over substance era5 July 2022
Dune 2 has started pre-production4 July 2022
Patrick Stewart was up for Mr Freeze in Batman and Robin4 July 2022
David Harbour asked Ryan Reynolds for advice when Hellboy flopped4 July 2022
Gohan finally gets a new form and it's not Super Saiyan4 July 2022
Tom Hanks doesn't understand why Tim Allen isn't in Lightyear4 July 2022
We asked Gentleminions why they're watching Minions 2 in suits4 July 2022
Avatar 4 and 5 might not be directed by James Cameron4 July 2022
Star Wars: Andor will cover five years between two seasons4 July 2022
Which MCU character could Taron Egerton be playing?4 July 2022
Miles Teller's Grandma thinks he'd make a great James Bond4 July 2022
Stranger Things season 4 part 2 review - a stylish stopgap4 July 2022
This is the worst death in Stranger Things season 44 July 2022
Stranger Things has earned Kate Bush a lot of money4 July 2022
Harry Potter stopped Robert Pattinson from going to university4 July 2022
New One Piece movie coming to UK in autumn4 July 2022
Jordan Peele’s Nope website puts you in the world of the movie4 July 2022
SpongeBob Squarepants has a shockingly high kill count4 July 2022
Ant-Man explains why he didn't just go up Thanos's ass, yes really4 July 2022
Kevin Feige wanted Mister Fantastic to die like Play-doh4 July 2022
The Amazing Spider-Man isn't a cult classic, and that's OK3 July 2022
Con Air 2 should send Nicolas Cage to space, says director1 July 2022
Denzel Washington to receive Presidential Medal of Freedom1 July 2022
Godzilla Apple TV series adds Fast 9 actor1 July 2022
Avatar 2 reveals Sigourney Weaver's new character1 July 2022
Mission: Impossible is better than James Bond, says Simon Pegg1 July 2022
Christian Bale had a scene with Jeff Goldblum in Thor 4 that was cut1 July 2022
Stranger Things season 4 part 2 was finished the day before release1 July 2022
Jude Law was up for playing Spider-Man, is a self-proclaimed fan1 July 2022
Stranger Things season 4 part 2 ending explained1 July 2022
Harry Potter Hogwarts letters scene was completely practical effects1 July 2022
Adam Sandler performed with Deftones and Incubus for Little Nicky1 July 2022
Elrond is mentored by Gil-galad in The Rings of Power1 July 2022
Fast and Furious got someone in jail for filming Tokyo Drift illegally1 July 2022
Friends co-creator is "embarrassed" by show's lack of diversity1 July 2022
Does Steve Harrington Die in Stranger Things season 4 part 2?1 July 2022
Disney's new cruise has a $5,000 Star Wars cocktail, internet explodes1 July 2022
Stranger Things season 4 - who is Vecna?1 July 2022
The Boys season 4 starts filming in August, says Karl Urban1 July 2022
Quantum Leap reboot premieres this September1 July 2022
Elizabeth Olsen wants MCU fans to scare Marvel into bringing her back1 July 2022
The Boys - Is Temp V deadly?1 July 2022
The Boys - Is Homelander really Soldier Boy's son?1 July 2022