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Star Wars Andor episode 10: what happened to Kino Loy?

Star Wars Andor: what happened to Kino Loy? The new Star Wars series has treated us to a great Star Wars character, but what does his future hold?

Andy Serkis as Kino Loy in Star Wars Andor

What happened to Kino Loy? The latest episode of the new Star Wars series, Andor episode 10, was a nail-biting whirlwind and it paved an uncertain future for a new fan-favourite character in the sci-fi series: Kino Loy.

Kino Loy was first introduced at the beginning of the prisoner arc back in Andor episode 8 played by Andy Serkis. Of course, Serkis has been in Star Wars before, in the Star Wars movie sequel trilogy as the movie villain Snoke (who later turned out to be an extension of Emperor Palpatine). However, it’s in the new Star Wars TV series that Serkis has truly cemented himself as one of the great Star Wars characters.

His line at the end of Andor episode 9 elicited cheers that could be heard across the galaxy, and thanks to Serkis’s masterful portrayal the character has gone from seeming like a ruthless brute at the start, to a complex-but-kind leader towards the end. It’s safe to say that people will want to see more of Kino Loy. But, will what happened to Kino Loy at the end of Andor episode 10 make that possible? Spoilers ahead!

What happened to Kino Loy?

Kino Loy managed to survive the prison break, and his actions seem to have facilitated the release of thousands of prisoners. However, it’s far from certain if Kino Loy has managed to escape himself. That’s because the Narkina 5 prison compound floats on the ocean so the prisoners have escaped by jumping off and swimming, but here’s the catch: Kino Loy can’t swim.

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It was a surprisingly heart-breaking moment when he revealed that to Cassian Andor, and you suddenly see the uncertainty and fear in the character’s eyes at the realisation that he might not be able to make it out, like the rest of the prisoners can. So did Kino Loy bite the bullet and escape, or did he resign himself to staying on Narkina 5 until the Imperial reinforcements arrive?

It was left open ended, but it seems like Kino Loy might be staying on the Narkina 5 prison rather than taking the plunge into the planet’s ocean and joining the Rebellion. That means that Kino Loy‘s future doesn’t look bright. When the Imperials from the Galactic Empire find him they won’t treat him kindly for orchestrating the uprising. And, even if he did jump, it looked like it would be a tough swim to shore, and that could be something he might not be capable of. What a downer.

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