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Avatar 2 has a line from Titanic James Cameron forgot he used

James Cameron isn't just the mind behind the Avatar movies, he directed Titanic too, but his latest film Avatar 2 contains a surprising similarity

Jack and Rose in Titanic

What do Avatar 2 and Titanic have in common? Sure, they’re both James Cameron movies. Yeah, water features pretty significantly in both, but what else? Well, eagle-eyed fans noticed that the phrase “I see you” features pretty prominently in both the ‘90s movie and 2022 movie.

In Titanic, Jack says this to Rose (whose actor, Kate Winslet, is also part of the Avatar 2 cast), while in Avatar 2, Jake Sully says it to his troubled second-born son, L’oak, after the latter saves his life. When this similarity was pointed out in an Entertainment Weekly interview, Cameron noted how the line “means a lot” and “resonates with people,” but also admitted that he “had totally forgotten that Jack says it in Titanic.”

He explained, “I literally was just sitting there coming up with, ‘What would one tribal person say to another tribal person from a different group?’ and ‘I see you’ was the most obvious thing. Like, literally just go to the most basic semiotics of it. And then I started layering in all these other meanings and I went back and saw I’d already done that. I always tell my crew, ‘I’ve only ever had four or five good ideas. I just keep recycling them.'”

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Given both Titanic and Avatar are among the top five highest grossing movies of all time, it’s no stretch to say that this recycling is certainly paying off for Cameron.

If you’re wondering how to watch Avatar 2, it’s worth bearing in mind that it is still a relatively new movie, and so is still available to watch in all major cinemas across the UK and US. Meanwhile, if you want to stay ahead of the curve, here’s what we know about the Avatar 3 release date.