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Face/Off 2 could see Cage and Travolta’s kids facing off

Nicolas Cage has given an update regarding Face/Off 2, and offered some clues regarding what the potential plot might be, involving the next generation.

Nicolas Cage in Face/Off

Face/Off 2 has been rumoured for some time now, and Nicolas Cage has been offering some optimistic updates regarding phone calls and meetings that have been happening. While nothing is yet confirmed regarding a follow up to the classic action movie, Cage has now offered some insight into what might happen in a legacy sequel – if it were to go ahead.

Nicolas Cage won the Oscar for Lead Actor in Leaving Las Vegas, which was released in 1995. He immediately followed this up by starring in three of the best (and most high-concept) action movies of all time – The Rock (1996), Con Air (1997), and Face/Off (1997). Face/Off famously sees Travolta playing FBI agent Sean Archer, and Cage playing homicidal sociopath Caster Troy. For entirely reasonable plot reasons, they swap faces.

Speaking to Collider, Cage gave a hint as to what Face/Off 2 might entail; “I think Face/Off is a sequel that lends itself to a lot of twists and turns and unpredictability. It’s almost like if you factor in the idea of offspring and Castor and Sean having children.

Cage continued; “Then these children grow up, then it becomes like three-dimensional chess. Then it’s not just the two (John Travolta and myself), it’s four of us ping-ponging and going at different levels. It becomes even more complex. I think there’s a lot of fertile ground there.”

Cage concluded by saying; “I had maybe one meeting in an office, but I haven’t heard anything since, so I don’t know.” Eight months ago, Cage said; “there have been some phone calls with Neal (Moritz, producer) – one of the true great producers in Hollywood. They have been making some calls” regarding Face/Off 2. If the talks have gone from phone calls to in-person meetings in an office – maybe that’s a sign of progress?

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