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Andor: who is Axis?

Star Wars Andor episode 8 is the first time we are posed with the question - who is Axis? Well, we've got the answer even if the Empire doesn't

Denise Gough as Dedra Meelo in Star Wars Andor

Who is Axis in Star Wars Andor? The current Star Wars series may focus on the Star Wars character Cassian Andor, but there’s a whole host of fascinating players in the game, from new Star Wars villains to Star Wars droids we may have seen before. In Andor episode 8, we heard the first mention of the one known as Axis, but the Galactic Empire doesn’t seem to know who that is exactly.

ISB Officer Dedra Meero refers to Axis as the one who is instigating and co-ordinating the Rebellion‘s acts of… well, rebellion. But neither she, nor her fellow commanding officers are actually sure who they’re looking for and she’s hunting for Cassian Andor to try and get more information. So far in the sci-fi series, we’ve travelled to lots of different planets in Andor, and met many old and new faces on both sides of the galactic war. But who is Axis in Andor?

Who is Axis?

It’s rather simple really, Axis is the codename that the Imperial forces use when referring to Luthen Rael. They don’t know the true identity of Axis, but they know what he’s been up to.

As Meero puts it, Axis is named as such because she believes this individual is the one upon which the whole Rebellion movement spins. Meero’s investigations throughout the TV series have found links between the various crimes against the Empire, and they all trace back to whoever Axis is.

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Of course, the beauty of being a viewer means we already know who’s at the heart of all this, and it’s the mysterious Luthen Rael, played by Stellan Skarsgård. He may be an antiques dealer on Coruscant by day, but we know he’s really got his heart set on stirring rebellion across the galaxy alongside Mon Mothma.

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