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Lord of the Rings War of the Rohirrim: who is Hèra?

Who is Hèra in Lord of the Rings: War of the Rohirrim? The new Lord of the Rings movie will explore Helm Hammerhand's daughter Hèra

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Who is Hèra in Lord of the Rings: War of the Rohirrim? There’s another Lord of the Rings movie coming, and it’s going to be packed full of characters and stories who we all know very little about.

The new Lord of the Rings movie, which will be an anime movie, will follow the story of the conflict between Rohan and the Dunlendings of Dunland hundreds of years before the events of the War of the Ring, and the destruction of the One Ring.

Specifically, it is set to focus on Helm Hammerhand‘s time as the king of Rohan, and how he starts a war by killing the influential Freca the Dunlending. Part of this conflict centres on Helm Hammerhand’s daughter, who is given the name of Hèra in the new Lord of the Rings movie. But what do we know about Hèra in the War of the Rohirrim, and what important events was she a part of?

Who is Helm Hammerhand’s daughter Hera in War of the Rohirrim?

Hèra is the daughter of Helm Hammerhand, and a princess of Rohan. The information about her comes from Tolkien’s Appendix A: Annals of the Kings and Rulers, II: The House of Eorl.

In the appendix, Hèra isn’t given a name and is instead just referred to as the king’s daughter, but in the new fantasy movie she will be named Hèra. She is also the sister of Haleth and Háma, who go on to be killed in the conflict between Rohan and the Dunlendings.

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What happens to Hèra in the War of the Rohirrim?

Based on Tolkien’s appendix, which War of the Rohirrim will be adapting, we know that Hera will be one of the most important Lord of the Rings characters in the new animated movie. This is because she is central to the development of the conflict between Rohan and Dunland.

In the year 2754 of the Third Age, the Dunlending lord Freca comes to Edoras and attempts to persuade the king, Helm Hammerhand, to sanction a marriage between his son Wulf the Dunlending and Helm Hammerhand’s daughter Hèra. Helm Hammerhand is insulted by the offer, and he kills Freca with a single punch.

Lord of the Rings: War of the Rohirrim - Hera explained

In revenge for the death of his father and infuriated that his marriage to Hèra has been denied, Wulf launched a successful attack on Rohan, in which he temporarily claimed the throne of Rohan. Helm Hammerhand and his two sons eventually died, but Hèra seems to have survived while her cousin Fréaláf Hildeson eventually killed Wulf and become the new King of Rohan.

In the new action movie, Hèra’s storyline will undoubtedly be fleshed out a lot more, starting with the fact that she’s been given a name. It’s likely that she will have plenty more to do in this story, and will be given more autonomy and more to do. That sounds very exciting, and it means that Éowyn will no longer be the only onscreen lady of Rohan.

Who plays Hèra in War of the Rohirrim?

Gaia Wise is the voice actor who will play Hèra in War of the Rohirrim. Gaia Wise is the daughter of the actors Emma Thompson and Greg Wise, and is herself best known for her role as Jo Reynolds in the TV series Silent Witness.

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