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The Last of Us - what’s the significance of Ellie’s switchblade?

The world of The Last of Us TV series is not a pleasant one and Joel and Ellie have to carry weapons to survive, here's why Ellie's so attached to her knife

The Last of us TV - what's the significance of Ellie's switchblade?

What’s the significance of Ellie’s switchblade in The Last of Us TV series? If you lived in a world full of cannibalistic monsters and dangerous raiders, the chances are you’d carry a weapon around with you, just in case you ever found yourself in a pinch.

That’s undoubtedly true for Ellie (Bella Ramsey) and Joel (Pedro Pascal), who are packing more weapons than a particularly well-stocked gun shop. Still, Ellie’s preferred weapon in the TV series appears to be a switchblade (mainly because Joel doesn’t trust her with a gun).

In fact, of all The Last of Us characters we’ve met, Ellie seems protective of her weapon, not letting others touch her knife. So what’s the significance of Ellie’s switchblade? Well, we’ve looked to The Last of Us videogame for answers.

What’s the significance of Ellie’s switchblade?

In the videogame, the switchblade belonged to Ellie’s birthmother, which is why she’s so protective of it. Marlene, the leader of The Fireflies who was friends with Ellie’s mum, is the one who gave the knife to Ellie.

The exact significance of the knife in the horror series hasn’t been revealed yet. Still, writers Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin will likely keep the knife’s backstory from the game, although anything’s possible.

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