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Eddie Redmayne ripped his pants filming Fantastic Beasts scene

Even wizards have issues when it comes to their wardrobes as star of the Fantastic Beasts movies Eddie Redmayne recalls an embarrassing filming story

Eddie Redmayne ripped his pants filming Fantastic Beasts scene

It turns out that even wizards aren’t immune to some embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions. Eddie Redmayne is one of Hollywood’s brightest stars. However, even talented performers have bad days on set.

As part of British Vogue‘s 2023 Hollywood portfolio Redmayne was asked a series of short questions regarding his career in showbiz, including the details of the most embarrassing things to happen to him on a film set. The star revealed that this moment happened while filming the 2016 fantasy movie Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them when he first played the Harry Potter character of magizoologist Newt Scamander.

In the Harry Potter movie, the scene which caused the wardrobe malfunction was the moment when Redmayne discovered an Erumpent – a magical rhinoceros-looking creature – trying to get cosy with a hippo at the New York City Zoo.

To capture the fantastic beast, Newt dabs on some Erumpent musk and performs a mating ritual – getting down low and snorting, and shaking his behind. And well, you can guess what happens next…the star’s pants ripped.

Previously the star mentioned how embarrassing he found this whole sequence, ripped pants or not, in a 2016 interview on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon. Redmayne revealed how he researched bird calls for the whole mating scene, and his commitment led to some blush-worthy videos.

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“I went and looked on, like, weird, random bird mating calls, and I made a few videos that I would send to the director [David Yates],” he said. “They were the most humiliating things you’ve ever seen in your life.”

Well, regardless of embarrassment, the first Fantastic Beasts is often considered to be the best out of the spin-off adventure movies – so Redmayne must have been doing something right.

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