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Star Wars Andor: How do the prisoners escape Narkina 5?

It's prison break time in Star Wars: Andor episode 10, and here's how the prisoners escape Narkina 5 thanks to Cassian's elaborate plan

Diego Luna as Cassian Andor in Star Wars: Andor

How do the prisoners escape Narkina 5 in Star Wars: Andor episode 10? Ever since Cassian was arrested in Andor episode 7 and was told to take his shoes off on Narkina 5 in Andor episode 8, we’ve been wondering how on earth our new favourite Star Wars character would manage to escape the floating prison. Well, wonder no more.

The Star Wars series has taken us to some pretty dark places and explored some heavy themes so far. As amazing as the TV series is, a little positivity wouldn’t go amiss, and this week’s episode certainly delivers on that front as Cassian Andor and his fellow inmates finally make their break for freedom.

So, let’s break it down and explained how the prisoners escape Narkina 5 in Star Wars: Andor episode 10. Warning, spoilers ahead.

How do the prisoners escape Narkina 5 in Star Wars: Andor?

To put it simply, Cassian’s plan comes into full effect as he rallies the inmates of Narkina 5 to fight back against the Imperial guards, using their numerical advantage to overthrow their oppressors and flee the floating prison by swimming to freedom to join the Rebellion.

It wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for Kino Loy finally seeing sense in Andor episode 9 and realising that being under the boot of Emperor Palpatine and the Galactic Empire will never secure his release from the prison. With the supervisor of room five-two-D on board, Cassian and Melshi and the other prisoners are able to co-ordinate their escape with insider knowledge of the layout of the facility.

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Remember when Cassian was messing around with the pipe in the bathroom? He finally manages to cut through the pipe and release a load of water into room five-two-D, which short-circuits the tunqstoid floor and prevents the guards from shocking the inmates.

This lines up perfectly with a new prisoner arriving in the room, allowing Cassian and the others to attack the guards on the elevator and climb out of their workspace into the main corridors of the facility. There, they cause chaos, killing guards and breaking prisoners free from other rooms.

Cassian Andor and Ruescott Melshi in Star Wars Andor

Cassian and Kino ascend the floors and take over the control tower, forcing the cowardly Imperial guards aside. There, Kino sends an inspiring rally cry to the prisoners in the facility and implores them all to escape.

With freedom in sight, the prisoners jump from the floating prison into the sea and swim to safety. That is, apart from Kino Loy, who admits he doesn’t know how to swim and we don’t quite know whether he ends up escaping or not at this stage. Where the other fugitives end up remains to be seen, but you’d imagine it’s better than being under the control of the Narkina 5 prison guards.

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