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Yellowstone 1923 cast had to do grueling cowboy camp for drama series

Actor Brian Geraghty recently shared how Taylor Sheridan prepared the cast of 1923 by sending them to a cowboy camp that left them very sore.


The supporting cast of Yellowstone prequel 1923 had a lot to contend with when joining the western drama series. Firstly, there was the pressure of working with two legends – Harrison Ford (leading a television series for the first time), and Helen Mirren. Then, there was the fact that you had to look like you knew what you were doing while riding horses, swinging lassos, herding cattle and more.

So, showrunner Taylor Sheridan sent the 1923 cast to cowboy camp. Brian Geraghty, who plays Zane Davis, recently told E! “We were all tortured in a two-week cowboy camp. So we got to have highs and lows together before we started, which actually was really good for bonding. We would all be terrible, and then the next day progress. We all got to be vulnerable. As adults, it’s not easy to learn a new skill.”

Geraghty said that working with Yellowstone head honcho Sheridan is no laughing matter. “He’s a cowboy,” Geraghty said. “You gotta not only ride a horse, but look like you know what you’re doing.”

“We were running on horses, lassoing, I learned how to use an old six shooter,” Geraghty boasted. “Weapons training, walking in spurs and chaps. It’s a whole different world.” While Geraghty said nobody got hurt, he admitted the camp left him “very sore.”

As for working with Ford and Mirren, Geraghty says; “It was so great. Obviously, it’s always intimidating the first day. You’re like, ‘How’s it going to be?’ But we kind of just fell into it. They’re just actors that care about their job.”

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