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Andor filming locations: where is Andor filmed?

Andor filming locations: the latest Star Wars series, Andor, has been celebrated for its on-location filming, but where is Andor filmed?

Andor filming locations: where is Andor filmed? Cassian and Vel in Andor

The newest offering from the galaxy far, far away is a visual delight, so where is Andor filmed? Andor, the new Star Wars series, is nearly at the end of its first season. The sci-fi series has been praised for lots of reasons, including its gritty and grounded tone, its direction, its score, the performances of its cast, and its visuals.

Put simply, the new TV series looks absolutely stunning. Partly, this is helped by the fact that the series is so dedicated to on-location shooting. There is no excessive CGI, and wherever a practical effect can be used, you can bet that Andor uses it. What’s more, the team behind Andor decided to ditch the new technology The Volume, in favour of using real landscapes as the backdrop.

This has helped the series to feel distinctly real. And, whether it’s the dusty town of Ferrix, or the huge valleys and vistas of Aldhani, audiences have one big question: Where is Andor filmed?

Where is Andor filmed?

Andor was shot entirely in the UK. Specifically, the show made use of sets and real-life landscapes around Scotland and England. On-set shooting took place in Pinewood studios, which is one of the biggest studios in the world, and was where the entire production for the series was based.

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Where was Ferrix filmed?

Away from Pinewood studios, filming took place up and down the entire length of Scotland and England. A huge set was built around a former quarry in Buckinghamshire, which was designed to be a village.

We can take a guess that this huge village that was built was the town of Ferrix, which is where Cassian is hiding after killing the two Pre-Mor Authority security officers. This is the primary location for the first three episodes of Andor, and filming lasted there for months.

Andor filming locations: Where was Andor filmed? Aldhani in Andor

Where was Aldhani filmed?

Then, production on the Star Wars movie prequel series was moved to Scotland for another few months, which is where Aldhani was filmed. This was split across two primary locations: Glen Tilt in Perthshire, and Cruachan Power Station in Argyle and Bute.

The Cruachan Power Station, which is a dam, was used as the stand-in for the Imperial base, with some CGI alterations. Meanwhile, Glen Tilt was used to film the journey that the rebel group takes to get to the Imperial base, with its huge hills and swooping valleys.

Filming also took place for several days in Coryton Refinery in Essex, Winspit quarry in Dorset, Middle Peak quarry in Derbyshire, and on the Lancashire coast. Around a week was also spent filming in Black Park in Buckinghamshire.

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