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Hugh Dancy explains why Hannibal season 4 hasn’t happened

Fans of acclaimed TV series Hannibal won't rest until it is renewed for a fourth season, but star Hugh Dancy thinks it's not going to happen.


Ever since horror series Hannibal was cruelly cancelled in 2015, the devoted Fannibals have been clamouring for a fourth season. There have been petitions, Hannibal fan art has gone to the US Capitol, and there’s a strong online campaign. But unfortunately, star Hugh Dancy (who plays Will Graham) doesn’t think it’s going to happen.

Dancy recently explained to Collider why he believed fans were still holding out hope in seeing Season 4 happen, saying “We keep saying, when we get asked, ‘Oh, we’d love to do it,’ which is true. Maybe it’ll take one of us to say, ‘I will absolutely never do a fourth season of Hannibal,’ but that would be a lie.”

When asked if he was surprised Season 4 hadn’t happened yet, Dancy responded; “I’m not exactly surprised because essentially, first and foremost, somebody has to write a fairly sizable check. I’m not talking about me being paid. I’m talking about the cost of making a season of television.”

Dancy continued; “For a while, it seemed like the streamers were gonna be everybody’s saviour, in that respect, but now there’s been a cutoff there. There are shows that are watched by millions of people that don’t make it past a second season. So, I have no idea what that calculation is.”

The Fannibals are desperate to see more of their “murder husbands” – Dancy’s Graham and Mads Mikkelsen’s Hannibal. Season 3 did have a conclusion, and wasn’t left completely open-ended. It’s not the first time that a Bryan Fuller series was cut short, as he had to hurriedly write a finale episode for Pushing Daisies after it was cancelled.

The Fannibals won’t rest until Hannibal is renewed, like Dexter was. In the meantime, check out our guide to the best horror series.