Michael B Jordan hit Jonathan Majors for real while making Creed 3

Jonathan Majors says that both he and Michael B. Jordan got some real body blows in while making Creed III, says it's a great collaboration.

Creed III

Jonathan Majors is on the cusp of having three movies be released, all of which required him to be…well….absolutely huge. There’s Ant-Man 3 coming out on February 17, 2023 in which Majors plays the big bad Kang the Conqueror, and that will be quickly followed by Creed III on March 3, 2023 – which also sees Majors in the antagonistic role.

And Majors’ new Sundance movie sees him playing a socially awkward bodybuilder who takes his body to extreme lengths in order to win trophies and achieve his dreams. In a recent interview with Deadline that mainly focused on the Sundance movie Magazine Dreams – Majors was asked if Michael B. Jordan had managed to land any punches while filming the Rocky spin-off.

Majors confessed that he had; “I took a couple, I think. I loved it. I’m just so humbled by the opportunity to be a part of the Rocky franchise. Sly, Michael B. Jordan, it’s like, if I’m gonna be in that lineage, even as a baddie, I wanna go for it. So, yeah, [Michael] might caught me a few times. I took some body shots, and gave out a few, too.”

Majors discusses what Michael B. Jordan was like as a director; “As a director, he also pushed my instrument in a completely different direction, and allowed me to then push him further. It’s a great collaboration. I can’t wait for everybody to see that film, to see that relationship. It has the DNA of all the Rocky and Creed films, and we’re staying truthful and honest to the legacy of it. It is the kind of complex relationship we see in life.”

Creed III will be the first Rocky movie without Sylvester Stallone. It also sees Michael B. Jordan stepping into the director’s chair. He will surely have picked up tips from Ryan Coogler – who he has worked with three times – and from Denzel Washington who directed Jordan in 2021’s A Journal for Jordan. The pressure will be on Jordan, making his directorial debut.

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