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Andor: what’s going on with Syril Karn?

Syril Karn is one of the best new Star Wars characters in years but who is he, what's his plan, and what's going on with Syril Karn

Star Wars Andor: what's going on with Syril Karn?

What’s going on with Syril Karn? Played to perfection by Andor cast member Kyle Soller, Syril Karn is a new Star Wars villain introduced in the Star Wars series Andor season 1, and is one of those guys we all just love to hate.

His character is ambitious, driven, obsessive, and lonely. He’s a million lightyears away from other Star Wars movie villains like Darth Vader, Count Dooku, or Kylo Ren, because despite his love for the Galactic Empire, Syril Karn is relatable in his desperate quest for recognition. He’s one of the rare Star Wars characters who can be compared to people we all know in real-life.

Suffice to say, Syril Karn is excellent. But, there’s a lot about the character that’s shrouded in ambiguity. What really motivates him? Could he join the Rebellion? Why does he hate Cassian Andor so much? And what’s going to happen to him? There’s much to discuss, so let’s find out what’s going on with Syril Karn, exactly.

Who is Syril Karn?

Syril Karn is a native of Coruscant, and son of Eedy Karn (portrayed by Harry Potter movie alum Kathryn Hunter). He was a deputy inspector for the security force at Preox-Morlana, where his work included uncovering dissent and finding criminals.

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When two Pre-Mor enforcement officers were murdered by Cassian Andor, he went against orders from his superior officer and began a galaxy-wide man-hunt for Andor. This escalated beyond his control when him and his officers arrived on Ferrix, where Andor was living, becoming involved in conflict on the planet that resulted in the death of more Pre-Mor officers and civilians, and Andor’s escape with the help of Luthen Rael.

Due to this error, Imperial forces took jurisdiction over Pre-Mor security, and Karn was stripped of his rank duties. He returned to Coruscant to live with his mother, before getting a job at the Imperial Bureau of Standards with help from his influential Uncle Harlo. There, he continued his search for Andor drawing the attention of the ISB. He was brought into questioning by Dedra Meero, who told him to cease his investigation.

However, he continued to track down Andor eventually learning that the fugitive would be heading to Ferrix to attend Maarva‘s funeral. Syril Karn followed Andor there, and in the ensuing chaos he saved Dedra Meero from almost certain death.

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Why does Syril Karn hate Cassian Andor?

Cassian Andor represents everything that Syril Karn hates, especially disorder and rebellion. Ever since the start, Syril Karn has seemed to harbour a burning hatred of Cassian Andor and in many ways, the two Star Wars characters are the exact opposite of one another.

Since the incident on Ferrix, Syril Karn’s hatred of Cassian Andor has grown because his search for Andor led to him losing his rank, status, job, and purpose. This fuels his quest for revenge, as he has continued to obsess over Andor and his whereabouts.

Star Wars Andor: What's going on with Syril Karn?

What is Syril Karn’s plan?

Syril Karn believed that if he could help find and capture Andor, either directly or through providing information, then he will be able to restore his reputation. However, he had ignored Dedra Meero’s requests to stop his search for Andor, and he has attempted to get closer to the ISB officer, telling her that she has restored his faith in the Empire and in justice.

Now that Syril Karn has saved the life of Dedra Meero, it’s unclear what his plan is going to be going forward in Andor season 2. The two might join forces to hunt the rebel together, or their story might go in a completely different direction.

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What’s going to happen to Syril Karn?

Syril Karn had a surprising role to play in the finale to the sci-fi series, Andor episode 12. As was expected, he travelled to Ferrix after learning that Andor was likely to be heading back to Ferrix after the death of Maarva.

This put him on a collision course, once again, with Dedra Meero and her own plans. It also put him right at the centre of all the action, and it looked for a moment that the ex-deputy inspector might come to his end on Ferrix.

However, that wasn’t the case. While he didn’t find Andor (and neither did Dedra Meero) he managed to save Dedra Meero from almost certain death. In her eyes, he redeemed himself, and it even looked like the two might share a kiss. They didn’t (thank God) but it looks certain that the relationship between Syril Karn and Dedra Meero is going to be growing in unexpected directions in Andor season 2.

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Will Syril Karn be in Andor season 2?

Yes, Kyle Soller will return as Syril Karn in Andor season 2. And, it looks like his story is only just beginning so expect there to be plenty of fascinating new plot directions for Syril Karn.

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