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Yellowstone star explains why her character changed in season 5

After five seasons, the various members of the Dutton family and their entourage have been through many ups and downs. Here is how one character has changed.

Kelly Reilly and Kevin Costner in Yellowstone

Kelly Reilly’s Beth Dutton has been a controversial, but popular, character in Yellowstone – as the kind of complex antihero that we’re more used to seeing men play. Like the rest of the Duttons, she’s fiercely loyal to the family and will go to any lengths for them. She’s also a strong businesswoman.

In a recent interview with IndieWire, British actress Reilly spoke about how Beth Dutton changes in the fifth season of the show, particularly in her relationship with other women; “Beth is such a lone wolf. She’s not necessarily someone who I’ve seen allow herself to open up to other women in that way and it’s nice when she does. I like it.”

“Also the interesting relationship with Summer [Piper Perabo], that’s sort of a blessing, after that fight. In a weird way now the territory is understood of where the power lies. When she’s outside the ranch Summer can do what she wants, but when she’s at the ranch, and when she’s in her home, Beth perceives it as her territory and, oddly enough, entering into some conversation where there seems to be some sort of respect. Respect won from Beth with the fact that Summer fought her.”

Reilly continues; “The thing is that Beth sees everyone as an enemy until they’ve proven themselves. She’s not always in control, especially this season. It’s coming out. It’s purged. So it feels like she’s definitely at her strongest, but she’s also at her most fragile, which is interesting. For the badass Beth that we know there seems to be an inner turmoil that is rising and that is the price of knowing that she knows this fight is futile. I think she sees the end.”

The fifth season of Yellowstone is still chugging along, as is its spin-off show 1923 – starring Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren. There are at least two further spin-offs coming – 1883: The Bass Reeves Story, and 6666 which is set on a modern-day Texas ranch. The Taylor Sheridan cowboyverse gets wider every day.

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