About Us

Here at The Digital Fix, we’re your first stop for all things TV, movies, and tech that includes news, features, guides, reviews, and more. We cover everything an entertainment fan could possibly want to know about, including Marvel, DC, Star Wars (and Trek), as well as much, much more.


Film and TV buffs at the ready. Introducing the expert team behind The Digital Fix:

Tom Percival – Editor
A screener veteran with friends in high places (not Spider-Man) – he’s always open to tips and pitches, though.
[email protected]


Emma-Jane Betts – Staff Writer
Loves horror movies so much she had the Silence of the Lambs moth permanently etched onto her skin.
[email protected]


Anthony McGlynn – Staff Writer
Will argue for Fast and Furious and Citizen Kane equally. Knows the MCU better than you do.
[email protected]


Charlotte Colombo – Staff Writer
Scared of horror movies, but not scared enough about her screen time.
[email protected]


Jakob Barnes – Staff Writer
The only thing that makes him happier than watching a dark, psychological thriller is seeing Batman beat up bad guys… and Virgin River.
[email protected]


Fiona Underhill – Freelance Newswriter
Lover of all things 80s. Known for her “interesting” film opinions and passion for romance and disaster movies, in equal measure.


Adam Randall – Ecommerce Writer
Adam will enjoy pretty much any film or TV series. Has a pretty large soft spot for Doctor Who though.
[email protected]


James Osborne – Staff Writer
Resident Star Trek expert and general sci-fi snob. Will also watch horror, but mostly from behind his fingers.
[email protected]


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