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Who does John Hannah play in The Last of Us TV series?

The Last of Us TV series didn't start in Austin Texas, instead it began with John Hannah giving a lecture on fungus, here's who the esteemed actor was playing

The Last of Us who did John Hannah play

Who does John Hannah play in The Last of Us? The Last of Us TV series is finally here, after here and judging by the reaction from critics and social media, it was more than worth the wait.

Of course, those who’ve played the game may have been surprised when The Last of Us episode 1 episode started, not in Austin, Texas but in a television studio in 1968 where the actor John Hannah was explaining the potential dangers of cordyceps infection.

His words sounded pretty apocalyptic, but he couldn’t be right, could he? Well, if you’d ask Ellie (Bella Ramsey) and Joel (Pedro Pascal), they’d have a pretty definitive answer for you, but who was John Hanna playing in The Last of Us?

Who does John Hannah play in The Last of Us?

John Hannah plays Dr Neuman in The Last of Us TV series. Hannah’s part is small but pivotal. He’s the doctor who predicts that cordyceps may mutate into a form that can infect humans as a result of global warming.

It’s unlikely that Neuman will reappear in The Last of Us. The brief clip we go of him was set in the ’60s, and he was already a relatively older gentleman at that point. We can’t imagine then that he survived until 2003, when the pandemic began, and even less likely, he survived the zombie apocalypse, which is kind of a good thing when you think about it.

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Is Dr Neuman in The Last of Us videogame?

No, Dr Neuman is an original character created for the horror series, and he does not have a role in the videogame that we can see. 

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