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Tron 3 is happening with Jared Leto, but fans don’t want it

The good news is there's a Tron 3 coming, but fans are not at all keen on the idea of Jared Leto leading the science fiction movie sequel

Jared Leto in Blade Runner 2049

If you’re a fan of the Tron franchise, the good news is plans for Tron 3 are moving ahead at Disney. But, for many, the bad news is that Jared Leto is going to star in the new movie, as per The Hollywood Reporter.

The science fiction movie series began over 40 years ago, with the ‘80s movie Tron, starring a young Jeff Bridges. We then got a sequel, Tron: Legacy, in 2010 and many hoped a third film would come along at some point. The action movies have utilised visual effects to great success and it would be great to see what they do next.

Well, what they’re doing next is putting Jared Leto front and centre, and a lot of fans have gone off the idea of Tron 3 very quickly it seems.

One Twitter user shared a video of Peter Parker crying over the death of his Uncle Ben to react to the news, which is a little bit drastic but a fair response all the same.

Another user shared a clip of Homelander having a breakdown, and tweeted: “Me seeing Tron 3, a sequel I’ve wanted for 13 years, is being made without Tron: Legacy and mass success Top Gun: Maverick’s Joseph Kosinski as director, and instead will be directed by the guy who did Pirates 5, with Jared Leto and no Daft Punk, Cillian Murphy, Hedlund or Wilde.”

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Indeed, the decision to neglect pretty much everything that worked on the previous film does seem a strange one. Seems as though everyone feels like this Twitter user, who was excited about the sequel before realising Leto is the lead.

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