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Mysterio murdered Aunt May in scrapped Spider-Man No Way Home plans

In a scrapped version of the Spider-Man: No Way Home story, it was planned that movie villain Mysterio would return and murder Aunt May

Marisa Tomei as Aunt May in Spider-Man No Way Home

In the MCU, there are so many characters and so much source material that there’s an almost infinite of avenues you can take a story and plenty of ways to kill off fan-favourites, too. For Aunt May in Spider-Man No Way Home, it seems tragedy was always going to strike one way or another.

The MCU character was ultimately felled by the Spider-Man villain Green Goblin, with her death proving to be a catalyst in the Marvel movie for Tom Holland’s Peter Parker to put a stop to the multiversal mayhem he had created. Things nearly went a different way for Aunt May though.

In newly released concept art from the MCU movie over on Instagram, sketches have been shared which show Marvel villain Mysterio ruthlessly murdering Aunt May.

In the clip, Peter finds May motionless in what appears to be an underground railway. When Mysterio arrives and reveals what he’s done, we also get to see Peter get very, very angry, in what artist Phil Langone describes as “beserk Spidey.”

While we’re not sure Mysterio returning and bumping May off would have been the best idea, it would have been very cool to see Spider-Man actor Tom Holland losing his shit like this.

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In the end, the Spider-Man movie didn’t resurrect Jake Gyllenhaal’s Mysterio, and probably benefited for leaving him behind. There was more than enough going on in No Way Home, and any more would probably have gotten too messy.

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