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Star Wars Andor: is Doctor Quadpaw related to Maz Kanata?

There was a new alien in the latest episode of Star Wars Andor, and he looked remarkably similar to another Star Wars character from the movies

Maz Kanata in Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens

Is Doctor Quadpaw related to Maz Kanata? The Star Wars world is full of weird and wonderful alien creatures and with every new Star Wars movie or TV series, different species are being introduced all the time. In Andor episode 6, we spotted an alien who looked remarkably similar to Maz Kanata, and we wondered if they might be connected in some way.

Andor is the latest Star Wars series to hit the streaming service Disney Plus, and it’s one of the best things to come from a galaxy far, far away for a very long time. In the latest instalment of the sci-fi series, we briefly meet a new Star Wars character called Doctor Quadpaw, a four-armed alien who operates on a member of the Rebellion.

He looks awfully familiar too, so much so that we started to ponder, is Doctor Quadpaw related to Maz Kanata, the eccentric old alien we meet in the first chapter of the Star Wars sequel trilogy.

Is Doctor Quadpaw related to Maz Kanata?

It’s hard to say whether Doctor Quadpaw is actually related to Maz Kanata, but it seems pretty obvious that they are at least part of the same species. 

Both Quadpaw and Maz have the same skin texture and colour, and they both wear similar goggles, which at the very least suggests they are from the same planet and share the same technologies.

The only major difference between the two, is that Quadpaw is much taller than Maz (which isn’t difficult), and as his name suggests, Doctor Quadpaw has four arms while Maz has two. Inter-species variations like this would not be uncommon though, especially when the laws of nature can be creatively tweaked in the alien movie world.

We know that Maz has been around for quite some time by the time we meet her in The Force Awakens, so there’s no doubt she is knocking around somewhere during the period of history when Andor takes place in the Star Wars timeline.

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So, while we can’t be sure if the two are related, and they’re probably not, it’s safe to assume they are connected in some way and probably share some kind of DNA in terms of where they originate from in the universe.

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