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Star Wars Andor: what happened to the prisoners on level 2?

Andor: what happened to the prisoners on level 2? Andor episode 9 showed things heating up in the prison at Narkina 5, and getting more dangerous

Andor: What happened to the prisoners on level 2? Andor and 2 other prisoners on Narkina 5

What happened to the prisoners on level 2? Andor has been ramping up, and the sci-fi series is now drawing close to its conclusion. In Andor episode 9, Cassian Andor continued his stint in the prison on Narkina 5, where the character is being used as manual labour to help construct machines for the Galactic Empire.

However, the situation in the prison doesn’t seem as stable and under control as it first appeared. In fact, it looks like there might just be another rebellion brewing in the Star Wars series, with Andor teaming up with Kino Loy and the other inmates hinting at the possibility of overthrowing their captors.

This was all sparked off by something that happened on level two of the prison, which led to an anxious buzz around the compound. But exactly what happened to the prisoners on floor 2?

What happened to the prisoners on level 2?

The prisoners on level 2 were executed by the Narkina 5 prison guards, assumedly through the activation of the charged flooring. This information was confirmed to Andor and the new Star Wars character Kino Loy by one of the prison’s doctors. Rumours about this had spread around the prison, leading to the frenzied atmosphere that was building throughout Andor episode 9.

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But how come the prisoners on level 2 were executed? The doctor explained that a prisoner from level 4 had been released, but mistakenly appeared back on level 2 and was seen by all the level 2 prisoners. This indicates that, instead of releasing the prisoners as they believed, the prisoners are instead being circulated to other manual labour prisons when their sentence ends.

Clearly, Emperor Palpatine and the Galactic Empire won’t want the prisoners to know this information, so when it got out that a man who had just been released was already back in, they had to shut down speculation spreading around the prison by executing the entire level 2. That leaves Andor and Kino Loy in the position where they know they aren’t going to be able to leave, so will no doubt start planning their escape together in the next episode of the science fiction TV series.

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