Lord of the Rings War of the Rohirrim: who is Wulf the Dunlending?

Who is Wulf the Dunlending in War of the Rohirrim? The new Lord of the Rings movie, War of the Rohirrim, will see a new antagonist called Wulf

Lord of the Rings: War of the Rohirrim - Wulf the Dunlending explained - A Dunlending man in Lord of the Rings

Who is Wulf the Dunlending in Lord of the Rings: War of the Rohirrim? Wulf the Dunlending is set to be one of the major antagonists in the new Lord of the Rings movie, titled The Lord of the Rings: War of the Rohirrim. The new Middle-earth adventure, which will be an anime movie narrated by the character Éowyn, will focus on the conflict between the forces of Rohan, led by Helm Hammerhand, and the Dunlendings of Dunland.

So, while Helm Hammerhand is set to be one of the heroes, we still need the movie villain. Those villain duties will likely be split between the Dunlending lord Freca, and his son Wulf.

What we know about Wulf is all taken from Tolkien’s Appendix A: Annals of the Kings and Rulers, II: The House of Eorl at the end of the Lord of the Rings books. He has a short biography, as much of the focus is on the kings of lords of Rohan rather that the Dunlendings themselves. However, there is still some important information about Wulf the Dunlending that you should know before the The Lord of the Rings: War of the Rohirrim.

Wulf the Dunlending at the start of War of the Rohirrim

When we first meet Wulf the Dunlending at the start of War of the Rohirrim, he will be the son of the powerful and influential Dunlending lord Freca. Freca sought to increase his standing and reputation by having his son, Wulf, marry Helm Hammerhand’s daughter Hèra.

However, Helm Hammerhand was furious at the demands made by Wulf’s father Freca, and he killed Freca with a single strike of his fist. He then expelled Wulf and his entourage, naming them enemies of Rohan.

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Wulf the Dunlending as leader of the Dunlendings

Following his father’s death, Wulf the Dunlending became the commander of the armies of Dunland and the most powerful Dunlending. After Helm Hammerhand killed Freca and refused to allow Wulf to marry his daughter, Wulf sought to overthrow Helm Hammerhand and conquer Rohan.

However, the military might of the Dunlendings alone was not enough to combat Helm Hammerhand and Rohan. Instead, Wulf cunningly aligned the Dunlendings with the Easterlings and the Corsairs of Umbar, and with their combined forces, launched an attack on Rohan.

Wulf defeated Helm Hammerhand’s forces in the battle of the Ford of Isen, and Helm Hammerhand was forced to retreat to Helm’s Deep. In turn, Wulf the Dunlending was able to occupy Edoras and claim the throne at Meduseld, Rohan’s Golden Hall. Here, he proclaimed himself conqueror of Rohan after killing Prince Haleth, one of Helm Hammerhand’s sons who was defending the capital.

Lord of the Rings: War of the Rohirrim - Wulf the Dunlending explained - The Dunlendings pledging their allegiance to Saruman

How did Wulf the Dunlending die?

Wulf the Dunlending was eventually killed, but only after both Helm Hammerhand and his only other son died at Helm’s Deep. This meant that not only did Wulf succeed in ousting Helm Hammerhand from the throne, but he also outlived him and both of his sons. He was killed by Helm Hammerhand’s nephew Fréaláf Hildeson, who led a surprise assault on Edoras and dispatched Wulf the Dunlending himself.

This ended Wulf the Dunlending’s short time as ruler of Rohan, allowing Fréaláf Hildeson to become the next king of the region, driving out the remaining forces of Dunland with the aid of Gondor.

Who plays Wulf the Dunlending in War of the Rohirrim?

Luke Pasqualino is the voice actor for Wulf the Dunlending in War of the Rohirrim. The actor is best known for his role in the movie Snowpiercer, as well as his many roles in TV series including his leading performance in The Musketeers, and his supporting role in the Netflix series Shadow and Bone.

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