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Who are the Kang Variants in Ant-Man 3?

After being introduced to He Who Remains in Loki and Kang the Conquerer in the latest Marvel movie, here's what we know about the Kang Variants in Ant-Man 3.

who are the kang variants in ant-man 3: kang the conquerer

Who are the Kang Variants in Ant-Man 3? It looks like Kang the Conqueror is just the start of the Avengers’ problems if Ant-Man 3 is anything to go by. In Scott Lang’s third solo outing, we see Ant-Man, the Wasp, Stinger, and Hank Pym’s super-smart ant BFFs lead the charge against the villain, who has already conquered the Quantum Realm and is looking to conquer other universes next.

Alongside Kang the Conquerer, we were also introduced to He Who Remains in the Marvel series Loki — with Ant-Man cast member Jonathan Majors playing both Variants of the Ant-Man character. But if you’ve been able to watch Ant-Man 3, you’ll know that the film introduces us to four more Variants on top of those two. So, who are the Kang Variants in Ant-Man 3? Allow us to break it down for you.

Who are the Kang Variants?

  • Kang the Conqueror
  • Rama-Tut
  • Immortus
  • Scarlet Centurion
  • Victor Timely

who are the kang variants in ant-man 3: kang the conquerer

Kang the Conqueror

At this point, you probably know exactly who Kang the Conqueror is. He’s the Big Bad of Ant-Man 3 who, after sucking the Pym/van Dyne/Lang clan into the Quantum Realm, tries to exploit their access to Pym particles in order to get his ship working again.

This “warrior” Variant was exiled into the Quantum Realm by the Council of Kangs because he kept pillaging different universes and killing all of his Variants. As Anthony McGlynn pointed out in his Ant-Man and the Wasp Quantumania review, this specific Kang is a formidable foe — but by the end of the superhero movie, it looks like he has been defeated, and seems to be one of the people who dies in Ant-Man 3.

who are the kang variants in ant-man 3: rama-tut


Rama-Tut is one of the Kang Variants we see in the Ant-Man 3 ending and post-credit scene. He can be seen discussing Kang the Conquerors’ exile and death alongside fellow Variants: Immortus and the Scarlet Centurion. In the comic books, he is the earliest Kang Variant and uses his technology to take over ancient Egypt — and based on his get-up, it looks like he’s doing the same in the MCU.

who are the kang variants in ant-man 3: immortus


Alongside Rama-Tut and the Scarlet Centurion, Immortus seems to be a key member of the Council of Kangs. In fact, the post-credit scene seems to imply that he’s the guy who made the Council of Kangs a thing — which, presumably, would make him the leader of the group. The Marvel comics also suggest he might have a key role in Loki season 2, as his comic book counterpart is very loyal to the Time-Keepers.

who are the kang variants in ant-man 3: scarlet centurion

Scarlet Centurion

One of the most interesting things about Scarlet Centurion — alongside being a member of the Council of Kangs — is the fact that his get-up is clearly inspired by Doctor Doom, which makes us even more hyped for the villain’s potential debut and role in the Fantastic Four MCU movie.

In the comics, Scarlet Centurion is also a little shit-stirrer, as he convinced the Avengers that the world would end if there were too many superheroes. This led to them locking up all the non-Avenger superhumans, which would be an interesting storyline to see on-screen.

who are the kang variants in ant-man 3: victor timely

Victor Timely

Unlike the other three Kang Variants introduced in the mid-credits scene, Victor Timely doesn’t seem to be involved with the Council of Kangs. In the Marvel comics, this Variant of Kang is especially important — this is because he is actually the “prime” Kang, which would presumably make him more dangerous and powerful than the other Kangs.

This Kang is from the future, but time-travels to 1901 under the alias of Victor Timely, and ends up the founder and Mayor of a town called Timely, Wisconsin. With all his modern technology, he becomes renowned as a genius inventor — but in the comics, this is a cover for a more dastardly scheme. This seems to be the case in Ant-Man 3 as well, with the post-credit scene showing Loki (!) and Mobius looking concerned in the audience as Victor Timely shows off his latest invention.

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