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Yellowstone 1923 star explains her character’s life-changing choices

Yellowstone 1923 star Julia Schlaepfer has been speaking about the decisions her character Alexandra makes in the popular TV series

Julia Schlaepfer as Alexandra in Yellowstone 1923

Audiences just can’t get enough of the Yellowstone universe, with multiple spin-offs of the hit TV series hitting our screens now. One actor from the latest section of the Yellowstone timeline, Julia Schlaepfer, has been speaking about her character’s journey in 1923.

While viewers wait for Yellowstone season 5’s return, the new drama series within that world has been taking the streaming service Paramount Plus by storm. The show stars Star Wars cast icon Harrison Ford and legendary actor Helen Mirren, but it’s one of the supporting Yellowstone cast members who is the focus of our attention here.

Schlaepfer has been speaking to The Wrap about the actions of her character Alexandra in the show, and how her future could play out.

“I still don’t even fully know how she fits into the whirlwind. You know what I mean? There’s still a lot to uncover about what happens when they get home. When you first meet her, she has this naïve quality about the type of adventure she wants. And I don’t think she realizes just how dangerous it is, and how much effort and fear, it’s going to have and take,” Schlaepfer said.

“We watch her become this pillar of strength for Spencer in a way that, I don’t even think she realized she was going to be and he realized she was going to be. And we watch her go from wanting this like adventure and this love story to being like, ‘Okay, it’s time to hunker down and figure this out, because we’re either going to live or die, and I want to live. And so we’ve got to make it happen.’ We watch her toughen up in that way to prepare herself for what’s to come,” she added.

We will get to see more of the action in Yellowstone 1923 for a little while longer, and there’s even a season 2 on the way, too. Until then though, there’s plenty of good stuff from Yellowstone to sink your teeth into.

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