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Uh oh, Avatar 2 might be making 3D movies trendy again

The gargantuan success of Avatar 2 at the box office may be ushering in the one thing we were dreading, more 3D movies being released.

Avatar 2 in 3D

Many of us are old enough to remember the huge boom in 3D movies that was ushered in, as a result of the success of 2009’s Avatar – shudder. And the release (and success) of Avatar 2 3D in December 2022 may be threatening to reignite a new era of one of cinema’s most annoying phases.

Scream 6 looks like the first major release to succumb to the 3D trend, and we have no doubt that more will follow. There was a dramatic increase in 3D movies following the release of the first Avatar, up to around 2012 (which is when even drama movie Life of Pi was released in the format). It has steadily declined in the decade since, with audiences frequently choosing 2D showings, if given the option of the two.

“Scream fans are among the most loyal and passionate out there, and we couldn’t be more excited to bring them this latest terrifying chapter like never before, in a visceral 3D format,” Paramount’s Chris Aronson said in a statement (via The Wrap) regarding the new slasher movie. “In this iteration, the Scream universe moves beyond Woodsboro and into New York City, and the Big Apple called for even bigger scares, surprises, and frightening turns. We can’t wait for fans to see what Ghostface has in store for them this time.”

Paramount are clearly confident that they have a winner on their hands, as they are allowing fans to see Scream 6 early on March 9, in 3D at screenings across the US. The film will then be widely available to see in 3D when it opens everywhere March 10. Ticketholders for the early Scream 6 screening will also see special content curated for the event and will receive a limited-edition collector’s print.

Scream 6 is continuing a tradition of releasing horror movies in 3D that began in January 2009, when Lionsgate released My Bloody Valentine 3D – the first horror film and first R-rated film to be projected in Real D 3D. It was released to over 1000 3D screens, the most ever for this format. Another R-rated film, The Final Destination, was released later that year in August on even more screens. It was the first of its series to be released in HD 3D.

Time will tell if another 3D boom really is upon us, but this news regarding Scream 6 could be a harbinger of more to come. While we wait for the release of the teen movie in March, check out our guide to the other new movies to look forward to in 2023.