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Chris Hemsworth just found his doppelganger on Twitter

Chris Hemsworth tweeted a cheeky little response to a very normal looking man who thinks he looks like the literal god of thunder - Thor himself.

Chris Hemsworth

The good thing about Hemsworths is that they aren’t exactly in short supply – in fact, there’s three of them. Not quite as many as there are Skarsgards of course, but still plenty to go around. The best known, obviously, is Chris Hemsworth – just because he landed the role of Thor from under his brother Liam’s nose. Then there’s also Luke Hemsworth, who is best-known for sci-fi series Westworld. And now there’s a contender to be a fourth Hemsworth brother.

A very normal-looking Twitter user named Justin posted a photo of himself next to a photo of Chris Hemsworth and said; “A bunch of girls told me I look just like Chris Hemsworth haha. Do you agree?” Hemsworth gamely responded with; “This guy thought he’d trick us all by posting himself twice…”

Hemsworth’s upcoming projects are action movie Extraction 2 for Netflix, and taking on a rare movie villain role in Mad Max Fury Road prequel Furiosa – the first Australian movie he has made since hitting the big-time with Thor.

Hemsworth may be taking a break after these two projects, or taking on more work that’s local to where he lives in Australia because he revealed in his documentary series Limitless that it’s eight to ten times likelier for him to eventually develop Alzheimer’s disease than the general population. As such, Hemsworth said that he plans to take an indefinite break from acting to spend more time with his family.

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