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Harrison Ford had to listen to Indiana Jones theme during colonoscopy

While having a colonoscopy, Hollywood legend Harrison Ford was forced to listen to John Williams' theme music from the Indiana Jones movies.

Harrison Ford as Indy in radiers of the lost ark

Harrison Ford is a living legend. Whether it’s from his time as Han Solo in the Star Wars movies, Rick Deckard in science fiction movie Blade Runner, or as the adventuring archaeologist in the Indiana Jones movies, Ford is recognised and celebrated across the globe as one of the premiere movie stars.

After making four adventure movies as Indiana Jones, Ford is soon returning to the saddle for a fifth with Indiana Jones 5, titled The Dial of Destiny. Details about the plot of his new movie are sparse, but we know that it’s going to involve more confrontations with Nazis, this time within the context of the space race.

We also know that John Williams will be returning to provide the score, and that it might be his very last time composing for movies. The John Williams theme tune for Indiana Jones is one of the most iconic of all time, and it absolutely never gets old. At least, unless your Harrison Ford.

While walking on stage at the American Film Institute, Harrison Ford was accompanied by the theme tune. When he stopped to make his short speech, he started by saying, “That damn music follows me everywhere. It’s played every time I walk on a stage, every time I walk off a stage. It’s worse than that. It was playing in the operating room when I went in for my colonoscopy.”

The actor’s hilarious anecdote was a nod towards the theme tune’s status, and the talent of John Williams. Ford continued, speaking directly to Williams who was in attendance, “John, I’m not complaining. To play a character graced by John’s music is of course a real gift. The collaboration between filmmaker and composer, how the score is used, how the music is spotted, is critical to the success of the film.”

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Ford has made something of a virtue of his grumpiness, and he’s not the kind of actor who will grin and laugh during interviews, or will perform when he’s not performing. So, his genuine and heartfelt praise for John Williams (against the backdrop of his story) is of the very highest order. And, listening to the Indiana Jones music during your colonoscopy is really just as good a time as any.

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