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The Last of Us - what’s in the sinkhole in episode 4?

Joel and Ellie are joined by Melanie Lynskey's Kathleen in The Last of Us, but their troubles could be just beginning, so what's in the sinkhole in episode 4?

What's in the sinkhole in The Last of Us

What’s in the sinkhole in The Last of Us episode 4? On their way to Wyoming, Joel and Ellie get a little tied up in Kansas City. While the show is there, we see an ominous, crumbling pit, leaving us with many questions.

Melanie Lynskey joins The Last of Us cast, as the iron-fisted Kathleen, leader of the city’s population. She’s a ruthless antagonist, making the situation incredibly tense for Ellie and Joel. However, she has some weaknesses, one which is whatever’s going on in this pit.

So, what’s in the sinkhole in The Last of Us? Based on the game, we can provide an educated guess, and as you might have figured, it’s not fun.

What’s in the sinkhole in The Last of Us episode 4?

We don’t know exactly what’s in the sinkhole in The Last of Us episode 4, but we can guess it’s something related to the infected. In the PS5 game, Cordyceps has pushed into the subway tunnels under the city, following survivors who’d found refuge there.

This created an infestation that Joel, Ellie, and new The Last of Us characters Sam and Henry have to fight through. The drama series has already moved cities from Pittsburgh to Kansas City, and it appears the very foundations of the landscape is falling apart.

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If it is infected, how that manifests is likely to be incredibly violent. There are a lot of people left in that outpost, and since they’re in an urban area, we can assume there’s a lot of infected, too. As if we weren’t dreading new episodes already!

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