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Ant-Man 3 was shutdown by an unexpected feacal disaster

We all know how much CGI is involved in modern blockbusters, especially Marvel movies, but something unexpectedly earthly was used on Ant-Man 3.

Ant-Man 3

If you’re an actor in the MCU, you must be excited about getting to go to space (as Tom Holland’s Spidey was), and visit different planets, and now there’s multiverses, different timelines and quantum realms to explore too. When watching the movies, it’s never clear how much the actors can actually see and interact with – but Paul Rudd’s anecdote from the set of Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania provides some clues regarding the ‘earthly’ delights they experience.

Speaking recently to Jimmy Fallon about the blend of practical effects and CGI, Rudd said; “They have dirt [on the floor]. They try and have as much practical stuff as possible, you really feel like you’re on a a planet or in some weird space.”

He continued; “One of the things, we went in and there was dirt all over the floor. We were shooting with 150 other creatures and people, and it didn’t smell good at all. Throughout the day it’s kind of getting worse and worse.”

“The next day it was overbearing, and we realised they probably got a deal on the dirt because it wasn’t dirt, it was manure… they actually had to shut it down for a day and bring in some new dirt. The Quantum Realm just reeks!”

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