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Hugh Jackman wants to challenge Ryan Reynolds’ Wrexham AFC

Hugh Jackman wants to go one further than buying a footy team, like Ryan Reynolds. He wants to play for a team so he can beat Wrexham with his foot, or head

Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds

Hugh Jackman’s long-running rivalry with Ryan Reynolds is escalating by the day, as he prepares to reprise his iconic role as Wolverine in Deadpool 3. In every single interview, Jackman takes the opportunity to poke the bear that is Reynolds, and his latest tactic is to challenge Reynolds’ football team Wrexham to a duel (or something).

Jackman is a fan of Norwich City FC, because his mother is from there. “I’ve decided to go one step further (than buying the team) I’m actually going to try out for the team,” Jackman said on the BBC’s Sunday With Laura Kuenssberg (via EW).

“I think if I really want to stick it to Ryan Reynolds, then if Wrexham get to play Norwich – because obviously there’s a different level here – I think it’d be best if I was heading in the winner.” Despite Jackman now being 54 years old, he’s so physically fit, he’d probably make a decent footballer. He’s gone straight from a Broadway musical – which requires an extremely high level of stamina – to muscle training to get back into Wolverine-shape.

Jackman bowed out as Wolverine five years ago, in 2017’s Logan. He had played the role since 2000’s X-Men, across nine movies. Logan’s death in James Mangold’s western-noir take on the character appeared conclusive, but if we’ve learned anything from comic book movies – no one is ever dead.

Now that Deadpool has been fully enveloped into the MCU, the potential for X-Men characters to have cameos, and MCU character cross-overs has exploded. Patrick Stewart recently caused a stir by having a cameo as Professor X in Doctor Strange 2. And this will likely only continue, now that multiverses and multiple timelines are such a huge feature of the MCU.

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