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Stunt performer on Will Smith movie hates how these scenes came out

Post-production can be a brutal process and totally transform the end result of a film, as this stunt performer found out on a Will Smith movie.

Will Smith, Joel Edgerton, and Lucy Fry in Bright

Bad movies exist, that’s just a fact. In fact, we wrote a whole list of the absolute worst movies out there. But, sometimes, the reason a movie sucks is down to the way it is edited together, and that’s what one stunt-person believes happened to the Netflix movie Bright.

The action movie stars Will Smith and Joel Edgerton as a pair of cops, but the twist is they operate in a world full of unusual monsters. In fact, Edgerton’s character actually is a monster, but that’s a story for another day. The film wasn’t very good, sadly, and while we could discuss the reason for that all day, one person involved in the production has an explanation.

Kimberley Shannon Murphy is a stunt performer who worked on the thriller movie. In a recent chat with the Corridor Crew, she broke down just how poorly edited Bright is when it comes to messing up the stunt work she did.

“I doubled Lucy Fry and we did a stunt. Talk about cutting things up and making me angry. You can see me rehearsing it, and then you can see what they actually put in the film. We shot it with six cameras, I did it 22 times. The stunt was we were in this gas station, the ceilings are 12 feet high, this car comes crashing through the glass, and she basically jumps over the car, goes upside down over the car, grabs the gun behind her and does a flip,” Murphy began.

“So I had four people on my line, and everybody was doing something different. So, I was in a goo trap, which is what we call it when the wire [is put diagonally around you] so it helps you go this way and flip. I basically had three feet in between the ceiling and the hood of the car, it was kind of one of those things where everything had to go right, because everyone’s pulling. One person was lifting me off the ground, another person was flipping me over, another person was helping me do the backflip,” she added.

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Sounds complicated, right? Well, Murphy recalled the process of shooting well, and said: “By take three, I’m like, ‘Are we good?’ It was kind of one of those really sketchy things, and the way they cut it up was you couldn’t even see that we actually did the stunt.” Who knows, maybe if they had edited these moments a little better, the end product might not have been such a disappointment?

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