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The Boys marks Valentine’s Day with hilariously dark post

The Boys social media team continue to bring the heat, with a very dark Valentine's Day post featuring the scourge of girlfriends everywhere, A-Train.

The Boys

The Boys social media team have knocked it out of the park once again, with their typically twisted sense of humour. Of all the characters they could have chosen to celebrate Valentine’s Day (or as they would probably call it; V-Day) they selected A-Train (Jessie T. Usher).

In season one alone, A-Train killed two whole girlfriends – his own, and Hughie’s (Jack Quaid, who is one of the leads of The Boys cast). A-Train killing Robin Ward in the pilot episode is the inciting incident that brings Hughie into The Boys and fuels his vengeance for The Seven. Later in the same season, A-Train kills his own girlfriend Popclaw by giving her a drug overdose.

The Boys Twitter account has posted a photo of A-Train in a heroic pose with the caption; “Night, happy couples.” Relationships in The Boys tend to not go so well, although somehow Hughie and Annie (Erin Moriarty) have managed to weather the storms for some time. We’ll have to see if they survive season four still intact.

The Boys will be back for a fourth season, potentially in late 2023, and we’re eagerly awaiting what havoc Homelander and his son Ryan will be bringing, now that they’ve joined forces. New villain Victoria Neuman will also be one to watch – but whether Butcher (Karl Urban) can stay well enough to defeat her remains to be seen.

Regarding the ‘battle for Ryan’s soul’ that will take place in season four, showrunner Eric Kripke has said; “I think we should all be afraid because if he [Ryan] becomes another Homelander, that’s obviously really bad for the planet. But he’s still Becca’s kid and there’s still a shot that Butcher can pull him into the light.”

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