The Last of Us TV series – who is Riley?

The Last of US TV series has introduces us to Joel and Ellie but also mentioned someone called Riley, here's everything you need to know about them

The Last of Us Tv series who is Riley

Who is Riley in the Last of Us? Warning spoilers for The Last of Us ahead. The Last of Us TVs series is finally here and introduced non-gamers, and those too scared to play the videogame, to Joel and Ellie.

In The Last of Us episode 1, we saw Joel (Pedro Pascal) and Ellie (Bella Ramsey) meet up and begin what will become an arduous journey out west. However, before they met, we saw Ellie talking to Marlene about a character called Riley, who, it seems, recently died.

So who is Riley? How did they die? Well, we’ve turned to the videogame for answers. Warning there will be spoilers ahead for The Last of Us videogame and the TV series.

Who is Riley in The Last of Us?

In the videogame, Riley was Ellie’s best friend, who she met at FEDRA military school. Eventually, Riley grew sick of FEDRA’s despotic rule and left the school to join The Fireflies, breaking Ellie’s heart.

During the events of  Left Behind, an expansion pack for The Last of Us game, we learn that after Riley became a Firefly, she attempted to recruit Ellie to the group, but Marlene forbade her. Soon after, Riley learned she would be stationed in another city.

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Determined to see her friend one last time, Riley snuck into the military school and invited Ellie to sneak out with her. The two girls headed out of the QZ to an abandoned mall where they’d first met. There the pair spent an evening playing in the remnants of the old world, even managing to turn on the shopping centre’s electricity.

Deciding to play some music, using the mall’s PA system and Ellie’s walkman, the pair danced and even shared a kiss. Unfortunately, the magic of the evening was broken when the infected, attracted by the noise, attacked.

While the pair were able to fight off the runners, Riley was bitten and eventually succumbed to the fungal infection. If you want to learn more about this horror series, we have an article breaking down The Last of Us cast, so you can learn who’s playing your favourite The Last of Us characters.