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Helen Mirren changed one thing about her Yellowstone 1923 character

Legendary actor Helen Mirren leads the Yellowstone 1923 cast, but she decided to change one very important thing about her character in the drama series.

Helen Mirren as Cara Dutton in Yellowstone 1923

The behemoth that is Yellowstone is well truly taking over the world right now, and the TV series even has megastars like Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren gracing the screen in Yellowstone 1923. Turns out Mirren wasn’t just content with being a part of the Yellowstone cast, she actually brought ideas to the table to improve her character, too.

1923 is a prequel story in the Yellowstone timeline, detailing the lives of Jacob Dutton (Ford) and Cara Dutton (Mirren). The drama series is currently airing on the streaming service Paramount Plus, and there’s already plans to line up a Yellowstone 1923 season 2 release date, such is the popularity of the show.

Cara Dutton is a great character, but she could have been very different had Mirren not shaped her the way she did. Speaking to Deadline, the actor revealed what changes she made to the role when she first read the script.

“The script arrives, I see the character and the way the character is developing, and I could see it was like me. [Taylor Sheridan] had written specifically to my strengths, if you like. I thought of making her Irish because America very much in those days was a country of immigrants. I wanted to heighten that fact. He said, ‘Absolutely. That’s fine.’ And off we went,” Mirren explained.

“We don’t go into the backstory, but the reality was America in the late 19th century, early 20th century was full of many different accents. When we were shooting in Butte, which was an old mining town, the miners came from Moldova, Scotland, Wales, Ireland. They came from Poland. So there would’ve been this absolute mishmash of different accents and different cultures and different foods. That was how America was born,” she added.

She has a point, too. And giving Cara Dutton that context and depth is something you don’t even think about as a viewer but it’s so important to breathing life into the character. So, well done Helen, good call!

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