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Reese Witherspoon once acted out her own rom-com to a full plane

Reese Witherspoon is prepared to take to the skies for her fans as the actor recalls playing out her 2010 rom-com, How Do You Know, to a plane of people.

Reese Witherspoon once acted out her own rom-com to a full plane

Some celebrities go the extra mile for their fans. However, one drama movie A-lister is prepared to offer live in-flight entertainment as well. During an interview on Late Night With Seth Meyers, Reese Witherspoon revealed that she once “walked through” the entire plot of the rom-com How Do You Know to a plane of people.

“Back when they used to have one movie that played on airplanes, it was like a five-hour flight and I walk in and they’re like, ‘And the movie today is going to be How Do You Know starring Reese Witherspoon,'” the actor explained before recalling the moment when the Flight’s movie player stalled.

“Probably, maybe 10 minutes into the inflight movie, it cut out, and the clip broke,” she continued. “So I went to the front of the plane and I got on the microphone… I was like, ‘Hi, guys. I don’t think the movie’s coming back, so I’m just going to walk you, beat by beat, [through] what happened.'”

Witherspoon went on to detail the plot of the 2010 romance movie, which saw her star as the softball player Lisa who gets caught in a love triangle with Owen Wilson as a fellow professional athlete and Paul Rudd as a corporate executive with a shady father (Jack Nicholson).

“So, first of all, I’m going out with Owen Wilson. It’s not going well. And he’s a professional baseball player, and you know that’s gonna go south,” Witherspoon said. “So, I have this crazy great date with Paul Rudd, but his dad is asking him to go to jail for him because he’s committed a crime.”

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“Guys, I don’t know what’s going to happen! Am I going to go with Owen Wilson? Am I going to go with Paul Rudd? What’s going to happen? And they were like, ‘Yes!’ It was really fun,” she continued. “It was actually so fun and funny to get to tell people the entire plot of my movie in like three minutes.”

Witherspoon is still in the rom-com game, and her latest romantic comedy movie, Your Place or Mine, hit Netflix on February 10, 2023. In the new movie, Witherspoon co-stars with Ashton Kutcher as two long-distance best friends who decide to swap homes for a week.

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