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Emma Roberts is “not a superhero” in upcoming Spider-Man movie

Rumours are still circling regarding exactly which characters everyone is playing in Spider-Man spin-off Madame Web, and Emma Roberts says she's not a superhero

Spider-Man Madame Web

Emma Robert has given a few more details on her character in the Sony Spider-Man movie spin-off Madame Web. She has a small role in the movie, as she says that it only took one week to film her scenes. And she also says that her character is not a superhero.

According to unconfirmed reports in The Cosmic Circus rumour site, Adam Scott is playing a younger version of Ben Parker AKA Uncle Ben. Roberts is playing Mary Parker, Peter’s mother, and will be pregnant with him in Madame Web. IMDb has Scott and Roberts listed as Ben and Mary Parker. According to The Cosmic Circus, Dakota Johnson plays Cassandra Web and Sydney Sweeney plays Julia Carpenter – although IMDb has Johnson listed as Madame Web/Julia Carpenter.

Speaking to the Shut Up Evan podcast, Roberts doesn’t go into too much detail about her character, but she does give some idea of what to expect; “What I can tell you is I’m not a superhero. Some people may think she’s a superhero but not… like I don’t have supernatural powers. So I can tell you that.”

Roberts continued; “It’s really different from any of the other Marvel movies, it’s super grounded. I love that it has so many great actresses, it’s really female-driven, and I just think it’s not going to be what people expect. So I’m really, really excited for everybody to see it. And by the way, I’m excited to see it, because I only worked like a week on it, so there’s so much that I haven’t seen. I did get to see the storyboards and read the script, and it’s fantastic.” Roberts added that she’d soon be returning to the set to shoot a few more scenes.

Leaked set photos do show that Roberts is playing a pregnant character, with some guessing that she was Jessica Drew – who will feature in the the next Spider-Verse movie. But her saying that she’s not a superhero does make Mary Parker much more likely.

Madame Web is just one of a slew of new Sony Spider-Man villain spin-offs, there’s also Kraven the Hunter starring Aaron Taylor-Johnson, and El Muerto starring Bad Bunny. They will join the illustrious Venom and Morbius.