Ethan Hawke thought Robin Williams hated him after this movie

Ethan Hawke co-starred with Robin Williams in Dead Poets Society, and the actor believed that Williams hated him after the experience

Robin Williams as John Keating in Dead Poets Society

Ethan Hawke seriously believed that the late great comedy movie star Robin Williams hated him after they worked together on the classic ’80s movie Dead Poets Society.

Hawke starred in the drama movie, which is about an inspiring teacher’s impact on his students, when he was only 18. In fact, the movie was the actor’s breakthrough role, and the critical and commercial success of the movie catapulted the actor onto a huge platform. Since then, Hawke has become one of the most celebrated and decorated actors in the world.

Robin Williams‘ own role in the movie was highly praised, too, and it earned him his second nomination for an Oscar. It was also one of the moments where Williams proved that he was capable of going beyond a purely comedic role.

Now, speaking to Variety, Hawke has revealed that he genuinely believed that Williams hated him after co-starring on the movie together. The actor shared his thoughts, saying: “I thought Robin hated me. He had a habit of making a ton of jokes on set. At 18, I found that incredibly irritating. He wouldn’t stop and I wouldn’t laugh at anything he did.”

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We can understand why Hawke might have thought Williams hated him after his standoffishness. After all, no one likes it when people don’t laugh at their jokes. However, no one can blame a young Hawke for his determination and over eagerness. Even if it meant that he wasn’t able to appreciate working with Williams as much as he could have.

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