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Alden Ehrenreich “loves” his MCU character in Ironheart

The Cocaine Bear star might be staying tight-lipped about his new Marvel character in the upcoming Ironheart series, but he still seems pretty excited about it.

Alden Ehrenreich Ironheart character

Another day, another MCU character reveal kept under wraps. This time, it’s none other than Cocaine Bear star Alden Ehrenreich who’s keeping his mouth firmly shut on the matter. Joining the legion of superhero movies in the upcoming Marvel Phase 5, Ehrenreich is yet to unveil which hero he’ll be stepping into the shoes (or cape) of, but either way, it looks like he can’t wait.

He’ll be starring in the upcoming Marvel series Ironheart, which will span across six episodes and stream on Disney Plus. The TV series will also star Dominique Thorne as Riri Williams (AKA: the titular Ironheart), who made her first appearance as part of the Black Panther cast in Black Panther 2.

When asked about his recent addition to the universe [via Entertainment Tonight], Alden Ehrenreich responded with an elusive but enthusiastic hint of what’s to come with his mysterious character.

“It’s so amazing what they built,” he says. “They built an entire world for people to have fun with and get inside of. I love my character in it– even though I can’t say what that is. But the whole thing, the people I worked with, were fantastic. It was great.”

Cocaine Bear star Alden Ehrenreich

Ehrenreich will be a newbie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe alongside Harrison Ford coming on board as Thaddeus Ross, making it a notable casting decision not only due to both actors being a part of other major pop culture franchises in Solo: A Star Wars Story and Indiana Jones (soon to be returning with the upcoming Indiana Jones 5), but also because they have both played the same specific legend — everybody’s favourite sharp-tongued space cowboy: Han Solo.

However, given the frequency with which new stars are initiated into the superhero collective, it’s unsurprising that Ehrenreich wasn’t even aware of the recent addition of Ford.

Alden Ehrenreich on new Ironheart character

“Did he join the MCU? I didn’t know that,” he says when asked about the possibility of he and Ford being on-screen together. “Yeah, we could cross paths.”

Of course, this could just be him trying to not let anything slip under the guise of being out of the loop. It wouldn’t be the first time a Marvel star has tried to sneak things past us. (Nice try Alden, nice try.)

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