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Ray Liotta loved making Cocaine Bear for one very lovely reason

Director Elizabeth Banks has revealed the one lovely reason late actor Ray Liotta loved making his final project the Cocaine Bear movie

Cocaine Bear actor Ray Liotta in Something Wild

Cocaine Bear is one of many horror movies coming amongst the slate of 2023 movies. With the internet abuzz over the fact the movie is based on a true story: namely, the story of a bear eating missing cocaine, many fans are also excited to see Ray Liotta on-screen again.

Since the Goodfellas actor’s passing, collaborators have been quick to sing Liotta’s praises, complimenting his positive energy on set and infectious smile. Liotta is often described by those who worked with him as someone who brought morale to the workplace.

The Cocaine Bear crew are no different. Screenwriter Jimmy Warden and fellow cast member Alden Ehrenreich of Star Wars have already had lots to say about Liotta. But director Elizabeth Banks had something to add to the pile and notes a detail many may not know about the actor.

“My favourite memory, frankly, is the day that he wrapped,” Banks recalled, speaking with SYFY WIRE. “We shot his very final scene on the ledge of a waterfall,” she says of her final days of filming with him.

“We wrapped him and then he gave a really beautiful speech to the crew, thanking all of them and talking about how everyone assumes he’s Italian because he’s played these Italians. He actually found out through his genetic tests that he was mostly Irish, so being in Ireland was really meaningful to him. And it truly brought all of us to tears. It was just so lovely.”

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It’s nice to know Liotta got to shoot a movie in a place that meant a lot to him, and it’s certainly lovely to hear all the wonderful things the cast and crew have had to say about him.

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