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Pokémon getting stop-motion Netflix series starring Psyduck

Netflix is bringing all us anime fans a brand new Pokémon series which sees Psyduck shine in full, adorable, stop-motion animated glory.

Pokémon getting stop-motion Netflix series starring Psyduck

Finally, one of the most underrated anime characters is getting the attention he deserves. Netflix has revealed that a new Pokémon TV series – titled Pokémon Concierge – is coming to our small screens with the loveable confused companion, Psyduck, front and centre.

The new anime series was announced during Pokémon Presents, where the streaming service Netflix and The Pokémon Company shared its ongoing collaboration. Along with the announcement, a short clip of the new show was revealed with a stop-motion animated Psyduck walking across a sandy beach while a voice-over explains Pokémon Concierge.

Pokémon Concierge is a resort-like place where all Pokémon are said to be guests. The brief video is lax on the details, so it is unclear if this ‘resort’ is truly what the voice-over assures us it is – a haven for all Pokémon.

But, despite the secrecy, Pokémon Concierge’s teaser has plenty of cuteness to keep anime fans intrigued and excited for the upcoming animated series.

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Currently, it is unclear which other Pokémon will be joining Psyduck or if Psyduck will actually be the leading star of the series. Netflix also didn’t share any release date information, so it looks like Pokémon Concierge is masked in mystery for now.

Still, seeing Psyduck waddle his way in stop-motion is a sight to behold and, personally, we can’t wait to see more of the comedy series come to life.

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