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Halle Berry calls out her own awards show fall in hilarious video

Catwoman actor Halle Berry took to Instagram to joke about her recent slip-up after preparing to present an award for a not-for profit.

Halle Berry makes history

Breaking: Jason Derulo just fell down the stairs 2o23 Academy Awards. OK, not really, but there’s something about drama movie actors tripping up at awards ceremonies. From Jennifer Lawrence to Madonna, it’s an all-too-relatable occurrence that reminds us that celebrities are just like us — and Batman movie actor Halle Berry is the latest to take a tumble.

Berry, who made history with her Oscars win for ‘2000s movie Monster’s Ball, took to the stage for an awards ceremony hosted by Looking Beyond LA — a not-for-profit charity supporting children and adults with additional needs. As Berry made her way up to the podium, where she was meant to present an award, she (quite literally) slipped up. However, she seemed to be in good spirits as she later poked fun at the event on Instagram.

“Sometime you bust your ass!” she joked in the post, which included a video clip of the fall. “What happened was [m]y dear friend Shilla Hekmat invited me to speak at her charity event celebrating a wonderful organization called Looking Beyond LA that raises money for children with special needs… then that happened! I face planted.”

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Specifically, Berry was there to present the Soaring Spirit Award to Jacob Smith, a 16-year-old from North Dakota. Legally blind, Jacob was awarded for his achievements as a freeride skier. In her own Instagram post, Hekmat paid tribute to Berry, saying “I am so grateful to my dear friend Halle Berry, who is truly one in a million. We were thrilled to have her present our 2023 Soaring Spirit Award to Jacob Smith. Jacob’s perseverance is an inspiration to all.”

To see more of Berry in action, check out her James Bond movie, Die Another Day. Or, if you’re more interested in her stint as Catwoman, check out our guide to the best Batman villains. With Keaton’s Batman returning in new movie The Flash, who knows if Berry ends up re-appearing too?