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Today is a very important day in the Alien timeline

Today, Febrary 27 2023, is a super important day in the Alien timeline, basically setting off the chain of events which lead to Ripley battling xenomorphs.

Xenomorph from Alien Covenant

There are a few dates that fans of science fiction movies look forward to every year. The obvious ones are May 4, when we celebrate the Star Wars movies and TV series, and October 21, the day Marty McFly travels back in time and accidentally gets involved in a love triangle with his own mother.

It turns out, though, that today, February 27 2023, is a pretty important day in the Alien timeline. Today’s the day that Peter Weyland (Guy Pierce) makes an inspirational TED Talk where he lays out his vision for his company Weyland Industries.

While this may seem like a pretty minor plot point, it actually has a massive bearing on the alien movies. It’s Weyland Industries that first develops android technology, and these artificial beings play a massive role in the sci-fi series as both enemies and allies of Ripley.

More importantly, however, Weyland Industries are sort of to blame for xenomorphs existing in the first place. If it weren’t for Weyland Industries discovering the star map to LV-223, then humanity would never have encountered the Engineers.

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Subsequently, the android David would never have got his mechanical mitts on the Engineer’s black goo, and he’d have been unable to conduct the experiments that led to the xenomorphs being created.

Basically, today is the first step in a journey that ends with Kane making the foolish decision to stare into an alien egg. Shout out to Last Exit to Knowhere for spotting this.

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