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You season 4 part 1 ending explained

The You season 4 part 1 ending is a bumpy ride, so here's what went down on the latest instalment of the Penn Badgley Netflix thriller series

you season 4 part 1 ending explained: joe in you

What’s up with the You season 4 part 1 ending? The ‘Eat the Rich Killer’ has weighed heavily on Joe/Jonathan and his new elite crew of besties in London, to the point that, ever the white knight, Joe took it upon himself to try and track down the killer.

Whoever the Eat the Rich killer is, we know that they’re also Joe’s stalker, and it seems like everything comes to a head during a trip to Lady Phoebe’s exclusive estate ‘Hampsies.’ But what happens then? How does it all go down? Here’s the You season 4 part 1 ending explained: spoilers, obviously.

What happens at the end of You season 4 part 1?

The final episode of the first part of the Netflix series opens with Kate standing over Gemma’s bloodied — and very dead — body. For a moment, it looks like she’s the one who killed Gemma, but she convinces Joe that she just found her like that, and that the Eat the Rich killer had stricken again.

Then rather than, like, calling the police, Joe and Kate decide that the only logical course of action is to go and hide Gemma’s body. So, they do just that, but Kate ends up leaving her bracelet next to the body (amateur), and Joe promises her that he will collect it.

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However, things go a bit haywire after he acquires the bracelet. Everyone turns against ‘Jonathan’ and, led by Roald, decides that he’s the Eat the Rich killer. This somehow escalates into Roald deciding to ‘execute’ him in the forest, but during their fight to the death, he and Roald seem to be knocked out by none other than… Rhys Montrose!

When Joe wakes up, he and Roald are chained in the cellar by Rhys, who reveals that not only is he the Eat the Rich killer, but he’s also been the one stalking Joe. Rhys tells Joe to kill Roald (who is still unconscious) and pin the murders on him, but Joe ultimately refuses: leading to Rhys setting the cellar alight and leaving them both to burn.
you season 4 part 1 ending explained: joe in youHowever, Joe manages to free himself and Roald, and they are both pulled out of the burning cellar by Kate. After leaving Hampsie, Kate tries to pursue a relationship with Joe, but he declines: after Rhys announces his intention to run for London mayor, Joe vows to take him down once and for all…

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