Pearl director responds to Scorsese’s review of the horror movie

Martin Scorsese gave horror movie Pearl a glowing review, and now director Ti West has responded, and let's just say he's a bit chuffed

Mia Goth in Pearl

Is there any greater blessing as a filmmaker than getting a positive review from Martin Scorsese? He’s created some of the best movies of all time, and is a certified authority on cinema. Ti West, the director of recent horror movies X and Pearl, received some recognition from Scorsese for the latter, and he can hardly believe it.

“It means absolutely as much as you would think it would,” West told Total Film when asked about Scorsese’s comments. “It’s a real sort of humbling experience to have worked so hard on something, and to see it land for people.”

The Goodfellas and Taxi Driver director didn’t mince words on the drama movie, saying he was “enthralled, then disturbed, then so unsettled that I had trouble getting to sleep”. He stated he couldn’t take his eyes away, which is a high compliment for any creator.

West compares it to getting a good rating from his parents, and in fact considers it an even better feeling. “You know, the difference, for me, between him saying that and my mom saying it is that Martin Scorsese has seen just about every movie that’s ever been made. So if he says it’s good…” West says.

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There’s getting a gold star from your mam, and there’s getting a gold star from one of the most respected people in filmmaking. West has one more thriller movie in his Pearl trilogy, MaXXXine, also starring Mia Goth. Together, Pearl, MaXXXine, and X will form cohesive slasher movie arc, looking at Pearl from a young woman right up to becoming a horrifying movie villain.

We eagerly await Scorsese’s verdict. Have a look at our lists of the best vampire movies and best horror anime if you want more scares.