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Cocaine Bear had one scene that was too violent, says Elizabeth Banks

Cocaine Bear is a funny, gory horror comedy movie that is as wild as it sounds, but one scene was deemed too gory by director Elizabeth Banks

Cocaine Bear

For director Elizabeth Banks, you would think that anything was on the table when it came to making a movie called Cocaine Bear. But it turns out that there were some limits to the amount of gore in the R-rated movie – which means that we were denied seeing the bear eat a face.

Speaking to Insider, Banks says; “Everything that I wanted in is in the movie, but I did pull out some gore toward the end. Kristofer Hivju (of course best-known as beloved Game of Thrones character Tormund Giantsbane), who plays the hiker, we show an amazing prosthetic of his ripped-off face that’s the aftermath of an attack with the bear. We also filmed his death, but I took it out.”

Banks continued; “I felt by then the point had been made of what’s happening. I wanted the audience to be a little more on the emotional ride of the third act. It’s coming to a close, and I wanted people to leave happy and not be freaking out and wanting to throw up.”

Our Cocaine Bear review calls the comedy movie “rich with campy melodrama and one-liners — with  the late Ray Liotta, O’Shea Jackson Jr, Christian Convery, and esteemed character actress Margo Martindale especially shining. But, it also doesn’t shy away from gore or more tension-building moments. I’d say that the gore means that Cocaine Bear isn’t a film for the faint of heart, but I feel like the title itself makes that pretty self-explanatory.” So it sounds as though it’s gory enough, without the face-ripping scene.

In our interview with the writer of Cocaine Bear, he said that the true story “was just too perfect not to pursue…it was just stranger than fiction – with Andrew Carter Thornton, duffels of coke being dropped in the Chattahoochee National Forest, and a bear getting into it. We just took that as a jumping-off point, and instead of really kind of hitting the true story, making that what inspires kind of, like, the mayhem, and turning it into a monster movie.”

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